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  1. professor finessor

    1 year ago...

    fo lost their p2p belt and was never able to take it back. happy anniversary fo!
  2. professor finessor

    Apex Hosting

    weird flex but kk go work on your quality now
  3. professor finessor

    Apex Hosting

    spoken like a true bitch tapping out
  4. professor finessor

    Apex Hosting

    apex jumped ship (finally) you're just mad that you lost a client and now you're tryna look like you ended up on top. get a grip freak sb is nothing without the pure clans
  5. professor finessor

    hotguy nh 1

    one of the greatest
  6. byebye mr @GIGGS, you currently are and forever will be below me
  7. yo @GIGGS blue boots (ir+friends) was way harder than you and your bad team l0l
  8. you still havent answered lmao, btw @GIGGS i remember this being very eazy lmao i took a break from jetskiing at my lake house to kill your team
  9. lmfao u still havent given any speaky in the subject that i respectfully pointed out
  10. @GIGGS need speaky on this subject can u give me?
  11. @GIGGS wat happened here bro
  12. not opening but check this one out lmao u cant even beat the own clan ur in with a team what a shame
  13. looks like fo lost but thats expected when they have cd losers like this guy that posted the topic
  14. ur still chasing clout for mini wins of a team vs a clan? lmao
  15. ur clan closed because of ir and now your option b clan is about to close because of ir again lmfao