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  1. Fantas

    Ending 101:

    That's what I can't understand? Why did you just end in this case? We were still in wilderness. We were asking you to continue the fight. Whether or not you had more opts when you ended, you still ended. We didn't end. We were still right there, waiting for you to hit us, messaging your ranks. 2 hours is a joke tbh.
  2. Who the FOOK is this guy hahahahahahahahahahah
  3. Fantas

    pure account Nox kicked me from Apex

    Damn 8bit that fucking sucks homie. The dude who showed me inv setup at my first inners 3 years ago. Big love my man I hope wherever you go feels like home, and know, that 100% of the community still have nothing but love for you brother.
  4. You still playing Dave? God damn man hope you're good.
  5. Hey man I appreciate the honesty in dealing with this. Personally I would have been in favour of wholesale chucking people from the community but I understand the reasoning.
  6. I'd love to see this. I'd love to see clans being chucked from the community wholesale and be re-energised with people who are willing to work for the common benefit of the scene. As an aside, I'd also love to see something similar to the RAW ranking list for F2P and P2P. I think it would go a small way to boost activity and stop toxic shit posting by solidifying rankings. That means if someone thinks their clan is #1, they declare, rather than being toxic and smearing their shit all over the walls.
  7. I feel pretty strongly that Sharkbrew allows certain issues to fester and takes no action to curb or moderate terrible behaviour by clans inside the game in relation to wilderness trips and certain behaviour outside of the game. Some measures have been taken in the past but not measures that have been considered strong enough. I know some clans decided to stop posting aftermaths as a protest to this, considering the activity that aftermaths generate. I'm all for banter and competition but there's levels of scumbaggery that should disqualify clans from participating in pure events, which should be enforced by SB and the larger community. Luckily the kind of behaviour I'm talking about seems to have died down quite a bit, but things like bringing mains to pure events and doxxing shouldn't ever be a part of the community. Mains shouldn't even be used in retaliation, but some clans have had to use that measure as a response to SB not enforcing stronger measures. I guess as highlighted above that stems from bias in the mod team.
  8. This. Congratulations though SUP. Looked close but seems like you were the calmer and better organised side.
  9. TY for prepper EOP, really appreciate clans that aren't afraid to prep other clans. 

    1. roflcats



  10. Fantas


    You still playing C0ld? Hop on tonight on Teamspeak I miss you buddy
  11. Hey EOP thank you for the prep, I hope you guys had fun Congratulations on the win and good luck in the P2P prep.
  12. Fantas

    New wave of LPC?

    The more established clans in the pure community should off these clans whilst they get up and running. There's a possibility that some of these clans might even be able to pull big, but would be steamrolled down opts by established clans due to better organisation. Welcome to the pure scene, hopefully the fresh meat will reduce the cancer.
  13. Fantas

    cwa EOP vs IR P2P Prep | 2-1

    Clean win EOP, nice to see IR stepping up to the plate unlike a certain eagle clan.
  14. Fantas

    clan wars Apex vs. Olympus ~ P2P Prep ~ 2-1

    Cheers dog, we're working on it.