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  1. nice 0 wins ever if you wanna talk about intel let's talk about the past 2 weekends of us echoing your teamspeak while you fucking die LMFAO gl with your 2nd signups btw and continue to make sure you fight xlpcs l0l
  2. fun event rage was doing 6v6 inners during this btw l00l
  3. imagine having these skills (and being rage's topic and recruiting slave) and acting like you aren't a geek l0l
  4. @Nibletwhy are you afraid to respond to a topic on an online forum about dungeons and dragons? l00l sweet 20 pull bro
  5. l000l @Spiralis just looking so dumb atm you were literally my rank slave spiral, never forget dog
  6. @rlywas told by his ranks not to post on our topics anymore, big fucking yikes you are literally a dog l000l
  7. lmfao so fucking accurate @Niblet and company l00l
  8. and to think, if only @Nibletknew his place his clan could have had a wilderness pk trip LMFAOOO
  9. lmfao at any rage member who thinks this mentally unstable man is trolling btw i'm sure rage ranks will still think it's a troll when this loser shoots up his local walmart
  10. lmfao we asked you for a 40v40 to end your terrible saturday trip and instead you hopped worlds and did a 25v25 dead as fuck l0l also you just pulled 24 for a prep last week
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