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  1. roflcats

    Winter snowball war

    supremacy is very down for this event ft100 with wind blast
  2. roflcats

    cwa [P2P] Supremacy vs Final Ownage Elite 25v25 2-1

    trash ass clans celebrating a win their clan won't even try to attempt LMFAO gf foe respectable fight as always
  3. roflcats

    Which Clan?

    foe/sup both absolutely destroyed our rivals anniversary
  4. roflcats

    pure applying for jobs is hard

    l0000l low iq ir member right here
  5. haha 1 month since the creation of this topic we peaked at 99 on teamspeak and gave foe (The current #1 clan) very competitive fights which could have went either way. Meanwhile eop and ir have dropped almost 50% of their pulls down and apex haven't had a successful trip in months l00l
  6. roflcats

    pure applying for jobs is hard

    hahahaha you are right, this is a way better meme
  7. roflcats

    Is God a sexual predator?

    holy hell apex have some of the weirdest losers on the internet lmfao it's no wonder their clan is complete trash
  8. gratz on having the lowest iq in the entire pure community l00l bump our topic some more lil slave
  9. 2 fucking easy. At no point were we losing during this fight lmfao.
  10. looks like you guys obliterated eop and apex, very nice
  11. roflcats

    pure new disney live action lion king seems sick

    hahahaha rats in ir would think dying every weekend is getting old stay mad shitters l0l0l
  12. guaranteed dull unplugged his own router, mentally weak l0l
  13. roflcats

    pure lol ir

    apex haven't attempted to help IR in months because of us lmfao stfu apex dogs
  14. all i know is that fudog fuckin owns