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  1. try battlescape.com because the only thing you need to be a rank in is a private server 5v5 mini team
  2. at no point did supremacy tell any members on teamspeak to get on mains (unlike rage) this will for sure not be the case next saturday though!
  3. btw raise ur hand if u hosted a drop party in supremacy to try and get people to like you, only for nobody to show up
  4. there's a reason rage will not fullout us in either server. 90v100 and we would still win lmao
  5. you posted the start of both fights dumbass and obviously CD doesn't like you so they are sniping you wheres the ca pics l00l
  6. good try fighting us for 15 seconds before you tapped out and ended (you started with 85 and had only 70 left in teamspeak lmfao) rage blows l00l
  7. rage is very low quality and the only chance they will ever have is trying to pull +20 on us l0l
  8. as a result of rage using these mains on us, we will be retaliating btw have a fun pkri this week rage
  9. you spend your Saturday's scout slaving lmfaoooo
  10. imagine caring about other runescape clans opinions on a game centered around dragons haha look at me guys i used a bunch of text editing
  11. also lmao there's legit 10 people on this topic who were in a clan who rival'd supremacy in the past 3 years who we fucking knocked the fuck out l00l
  12. supremacy would 100v100 rage at 2:30 pm est on a saturday any weekend (let us know if you want to get embarrassed on your anniversary rage) supremacy has 57 inactives (less than 50% weekend activity) and around 20 elders we could easily pull 100 lmao
  13. i hope this man keeps attending rage saturdays l00l
  14. jesus christ imagine having your 8th backup caller already calling 30 seconds into a fight
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