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  1. roflcats

    cwa [SB Tourny] Supremacy vs Rage | P2P 20v20 [3-0]

    next week i think my friend 😜
  2. roflcats

    cwa [SB Tourny] Supremacy vs Rage | P2P 20v20 [3-0]

    gf rage thanks to apex for the great warmup before this as well (even though you owned us)
  3. roflcats

    cwa [SB Tourny] Supremacy vs Fatality | F2P Prep [3-0]

    respectable prep as always, gf fi
  4. roflcats

    Legacy - The Garbage of the pure community

    would be very interested in seeing the two do a big f2p prep (50v50 or 40v40)
  5. roflcats

    who is gonna win this years Anniversary

    You cosplay an apex member which has been proven multiple times LMFAO And imagine saying apex closed your own clan l000l beta
  6. roflcats

    who is gonna win this years Anniversary

    hey dude now that your clan is closed (IR) you can stop posing as an apex member you fucking freak lmfao funny reading anyone who possibly said IR on this topic lmao
  7. if you don't think this speech was bad you are probably in a clan who has ranks who spends time alone in a ts channel writing runescape speeches
  8. a super fun anniversary while ruining our rivals anniversary for the 2nd year in a row
  9. lmfao this man needs points on a runescape clanning forum to feel good about himself pretty expected from someone who watches hentai porn on youtube hope you enjoyed your trash ass trip lmfao
  10. roflcats

    who is gonna win this years Anniversary

    It doesn't matter if IR has 200 and we have 100, we will still fucking win lmfao prepare your anus ir, it's gonna be rough
  11. roflcats

    2017, 2018 no aftermath topics btw

    pretty sure eop had the worst anniversary of all time last year (even with pulling 120+) lmao
  12. roflcats

    weekend Supremacy Saturday | Kings Of The Jungle

    you said we lost half our members and would never pull 100 again lmfao don't backtrack now. Also didn't you sit every prep in sup? lmao