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  1. Jesus christ, how the fuck can EOM drop 35 pures in 15 seconds. You guys are so fucking shit it actually makes me mad. The fact redneck Dull ddosses himself say's it all about your ranks mentality. @nawe sounds like he is choking on a dick, someone mute him next time. His dad is prob abusing him as usual, lil victim.
  2. Feels good knowing Supremacy has demoralised IR for the 50th weekend in a row, slumped Apex to clan wars while Foe have slumped EOM to clan wars. Talk about taking out the trash.

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    2. RNG


      Supremacy is 0-4 in preps the last 5 weeks l0000000l talk about shit quality am I right?

    3. Madguy


      Your clan is dogshit and your 2 week resurgence every 40 weeks wont change that undeniable fact

    4. roflcats


      we'd fuck any of the anti-sup alliance in an 100v100 easily

  3. Dunno what's worse, the fact IR suffered at the hands of Supremacy for 4 hours straight, while scrambling around for moral on Discord or the fact EOP have gone from 12 councils to 0 in like 2 weeks and Dull still getting a dick in his ass.
  4. Dunno who fails more, Eop at clanning, Hotkeying at weightlifting or Zo at dating.
  5. Lmao, @DULL has a face like a bag of smashed crabs, lives in a trailer along with fellow rednecks shooting at cans and glass most of the day, all the while e dating someone who would prob fuck him in the ass instead of him doing the fucking and you're worried about this retard? He threatened me, couldn't do shit and I laughed in his ugly face. Kid will always be a bully victim and get raped by his family all day long.
  6. R3ALITY

    fuk me yas lmao

    Eop is a dog shit clan, always has been dog shit, what can you expect? they need mains to compete, and when they fail at that, they have mains and then mass train 20-30 def accs, when that fails, they just start crying. Heard Eop ranks even wanted a truce with Supremacy.
  7. EOP is a disgusting main clan, what can you expect.
  8. R3ALITY

    The 2 v 3 Great War

    Not gonna lie. Supremacy perfected IR and Apex on our anniversary. And Foe perfected Eop on Eop's anniversary. Seems like it would be a walk in the park. If anything, to give them a fighting chance, IR would pay for more main clans to help and Eop would just turn up as mains since they're mainly 30 def+ now.
  9. R3ALITY

    clan wars Misfits vs AAO | P2P PREP 5-0

    AAO are so shit lol..
  10. R3ALITY

    Weekend Pulls

    Chin up, no matter how hard this weekend will be, next weekend will be harder, Fathers day =/ Enjoy this while you can.
  11. R3ALITY

    Weekend Pulls

    There is no Px OB are in Foe The Ascent who attend are apped on forums. So it's Supremacy. Maybe mains as well if we see you guys bringing them. Supremacy v IRaPex + Mains.
  12. 2v1 against you was easy. Hope you're prepared for next weekend.
  13. R3ALITY

    Apex P2P Mini vs Supremacy 2-0

    That's what I was like after seeing your 30 man pull lose to AAO yesterday.