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  1. @Nibletwhy are you afraid to respond to a topic on an online forum about dungeons and dragons? l00l sweet 20 pull bro
  2. l000l @Spiralis just looking so dumb atm you were literally my rank slave spiral, never forget dog
  3. @rlywas told by his ranks not to post on our topics anymore, big fucking yikes you are literally a dog l000l
  4. lmfao so fucking accurate @Niblet and company l00l
  5. and to think, if only @Nibletknew his place his clan could have had a wilderness pk trip LMFAOOO
  6. lmfao at any rage member who thinks this mentally unstable man is trolling btw i'm sure rage ranks will still think it's a troll when this loser shoots up his local walmart
  7. lmfao we asked you for a 40v40 to end your terrible saturday trip and instead you hopped worlds and did a 25v25 dead as fuck l0l also you just pulled 24 for a prep last week
  8. lmfao this low iq sandcrabber thinks mustafa is british
  9. lmfao this @rlyguy is the biggest +1 in the pure community who wasn't even allowed to play in the 30v30 (he was one of the 15 people rage sat LMFAO!!) you can't link one wilderness win when the opts are within 10 with your dead ass clan. Meanwhile we have 110v100 fights and 130v170 victories and 90v100 4 hour fight wins with no clans crashing at all speak up dog l0l
  10. haha sup cleared even though we are in single with 22 pures and sup is in multi with 60 pures but it makes sense
  11. anyone with a brain who isn't biased can see both clans pov lmfa000 rage literally spent less than 5 minutes in the wilderness l0
  12. we literally closed your trash ass clan and IR at no point in the rivalry beat us in a wilderness fight within 10 LMFAO we turned your masser clan into a prep team before you closed (and you still lost the only clw fullout) and we just 6-0ed your new trash clan too
  13. yo dumbass want 5 vids of you losing matched fights in the wilderness featuring u getting fully cleared all you are doing is making this saturday worse for you l00l. i'm pretty sure the 2 rage members replying to this topic were sat at every single sup prep l00l
  14. we coulda won r1 it was 11v11 ;( - niblet let's make it respectable- niblet before he gave up what the hell was that ;( i told you we were gonna be going north with scims!
  15. raise ur hand if you gave up 15 seconds into a round
  16. your entire clan knows you won't prep us l0l you literally just peaked 25 for a prep today and pulled 33 on a sunday with 4 clan friends (and never even got close to 40 on saturday) remember the time you tried prepping us and you gave up 15 seconds in the round because your plan was terrible? lmfao i do!
  17. you peaked 33 on sunday lmfao stfu your plan on r3 was terrible last time, you wanna try again? l0l
  18. 35v35 min any day next week, done deal kiddo. There’s a reason no important person from rage is asking for a prep lmfao Go to bed LMAO
  19. You have by far the lowest iq in the pure community lmfao rage would NEVER prep us again especially after this. Go to bed lmfao ot: ty for prep outrage, one of the few clans that I believe will prep clans on role playing dungeons and dragons game
  20. imagine not being in a clan that will prep every single clan on the game (there's literally only 2 clans that will prep everyone)
  21. lmfao supremacy will prep rage ANY DAY ANY SERVER if any rage member truly believes we won't prep them idk what to say LOL the closest thing rage has gotten to a win versus sup is a +5 cape counter lead in a fight they started with +2 (only to pull 31 the next day and have a terrible trip) considering your ranks won't prep us, cya saturday!!!
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