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  1. roflcats

    2017, 2018 no aftermath topics btw

    pretty sure eop had the worst anniversary of all time last year (even with pulling 120+) lmao
  2. roflcats

    weekend Supremacy Saturday | Kings Of The Jungle

    you said we lost half our members and would never pull 100 again lmfao don't backtrack now. Also didn't you sit every prep in sup? lmao
  3. roflcats

    just a reminder how dog shit ir is

    supremacy will pull 150 in under a month, enjoy hiding after that The cape counter was 45-31 when rev warriors logged in like the retards they are in our capes (we tried killing them)
  4. roflcats

    weekend Supremacy Saturday | Kings Of The Jungle

    i don't care who your friends are in sup, you flamed us saying our clan was dead just 2 days ago talk now
  5. roflcats

    weekend Supremacy Saturday | Kings Of The Jungle

    lmfao shut your dumb dog ass up when you just tried flaming us on another topic
  6. roflcats

    just a reminder how dog shit ir is

    check our saturday topic, you can see your current clan losing again (just like aao lost literally every single event lmfao)
  7. roflcats

    just a reminder how dog shit ir is

    we pulled the 2nd highest dumb dog lmfao how hilarious that everyone who attempted to flame on this topic are in a clan that got DESTROYED on saturday
  8. roflcats

    Why aren't Supremacy making any noise?

    very awkward post considering 2 of the people who flamed on this topic are in clans that pulled 35 today and the other person is in IR who avoided us the entire trip and logged from us on multiple occasions and lost in the only 1v1 they tried LMFAO why aren't any of you talking on this topic: rats
  9. nice trip cd, thanks for the fight at the end
  10. roflcats

    Another CD Audio - Oh boy!

    what was the point of spending time putting annotations on normal calling for most of this video
  11. gj cd, sorry about the crash vs IR which you were clearly winning
  12. roflcats

    weekend [F2P] 4/20 Taking Dabs of IR Kush

    speaking of clans slumping and using mains, hows quitting the game after aao closed going for you? LMAO
  13. roflcats

    weekend [F2P] 4/20 Taking Dabs of IR Kush

    apex is back to pulling 25 and ir is back to using mains and dying to us. We're gonna make it a lot worse next saturday if we see one main in ir cape
  14. very fun, was unfortunate they had like 4-5 zerks.
  15. roflcats

    Nawe wins again

    the only people who liked this topic are in an alliance with you on a virtual game (YIKES) Keep fighting your allies in inners on saturdays. IR hasn't had a win vs supremacy in F2P in a year now (You haven't even mentioned us on a topic in 5 months now, where you brought 98 mains and lost) You STILL will not fight us on saturday, we've turned your clan into a 1 server teaming clan l00l btw this freak watches porn on youtube [ASIAN VR HOT HENTAI FITNESS VIRTUAL XXX} ring a bell nawe?
  16. i mean you had 10 ir in your capes last saturday and never attempted to take time to get them away. We noticed LY in our capes today during the fight and took our capes off to kill the 5~ LY in our capes to make it more fair. We obviously had intel IR was sending more than the 5 (who were obviously in your cape when we left) that were there or we wouldn't have offed when the opts were 55 to 25 lol/ Not to mention your topic on your forums is the biggest propaganda filled shit i've ever seen.
  17. gf foe very fun event
  18. roflcats

    Hey apex

    Apex is dead as frick
  19. just wondering how awkward it feels to cosplay as an apex member when you are actually an ir rank rofl!!!
  20. ir is banned from wilderness topics lmfaooo
  21. roflcats

    cwa Supremacy vs Fatality | F2P Prep | 40v40 | [3-0]

    Respectable fight as always, ty fi
  22. roflcats

    weekend DETRIMENTAL SUNDAY 10.02.19

    way better than bp, gj