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  1. IR seems like the top clan with dormant potential
  2. What do you suggest moni? seeing as I'm pretty much P2P based.
  3. Bro Sup don't want me and I don't want Sup... nuff said. Edit: Just intro'd on IR forums.
  4. u guys really dont want me, but i appreciate the offer.
  5. The community is still 100%, but I cannot be in the same TS as nox.
  6. Looking for a clan edit: I was retired in apex, but I've been there for 3 yrs. I'm not familiar with the current clan-scape, but I'm willing to attend sunday trips and any preps I can.
  7. lol his buddy was spamming an awp trying to mask his footsteps + the first guy dropped bomb, time was almost out
  8. https://gyazo.com/0ed54bf39112712c51b8882d279b20e4 (It's an MP4, click the link)
  9. i think every brid ever would obviously bring a rune pouch to an SRI. At the end of the day it's about getting action for your clan, and this looked fun.
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