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  1. Weird time for fi to try and take a stand. Jamz stayed up until 8 am to get walked from spider hill to ditch lmfaoo
  2. i gave adrian a huge headstart on finding me by letting him know its actually me.... stilll hasn't even got a whiff of me
  3. @Danny Phantomclan went 0-3 in preps this week lmao
  4. @Fatality19:43:22 - "[Nox] Nox" pokes you: 10 hours ago my boy jamz was spamming hes going to steal all ko members from apex 19:43:27 - "[Nox] Nox" pokes you: because hes #1 p2p matched
  5. That dude that was allegedly convicted of rape was at the fight hmm
  6. Ppl don’t show up vs zenith. We are going to have 50+ vs fi doggies. U would too so idk why ur capping it at 30
  7. Ahh yes let’s sit 20+ people to give fi a shot at the belt. Try again dumb british mental patient
  8. Rage has veng members in their clan, rot told them to kick them. Rage told rot to kick rocks so now rot is camping rage. Rot logged in during an apex vs rage fight in apex capes so rev/af retaliated against apex for “aiding” rot.
  9. Nobody cares what some guy that calls himself swaggy says on sharkvrew. I think both apex and fi can agree on that
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