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  1. https://discord.gg/KUWX58E

    prime 14days rs memberships

    cheap cheap

  2. did kg really pay 300m for some fake logs? l0000000l
  3. https://discord.gg/KUWX58E

    Twitch Prime 14days Members

    1M Each

  4. you indeed try'd to scam a guy for 900k osrs . l0l yikers u worse then ace krave
  5. 14days memberships only 1.5m each
    1. 8pint


      Seen them for much cheaper in other discords (<1m each)

      Gl selling

    2. Juicy


      well those are cracked accounts, which means u have to instantly use them or they can get locked, mines are fresh made

  6. https://imgur.com/4G7XHE9 Selling Twitch Prime Memberships Again !! ( 14days memberships ) price is between 1m - 1.5m each depending on amount u buy. The Most Trusted Supplier Of Sharkbrew! https://discord.gg/KUWX58E https://discord.gg/KUWX58E
  7. damn your own pictures shows u had 25+ mains all the time, safe to say supremacy cant compete in a pure scene
  8. idk why u laugh when this same clan PERFECTED supremacy in a 25v25 f2p prep
  9. u guys know how this matt looks? l00l yikers from me, he lucky we not allowed to post such things here
  10. may 1st = dmm

    may 12 = twitch prime membs

    connect me gaming weirdo's

  11. i would kick that guy from my clan, getting hacked in 2020. must be a really low iq player.
  12. returning for 10hours without even a 1 item , wonder who is the real victim here
  13. hopefully this time misftits be a 2server clan , instead of a rev team
  14. worst server i have ever seen, they needed to update server 3 times in the first 24hours , barely players ingame. and now the server still shit with much down time
  15. @slushpuppy , open and lead your own xlpc? no balls
  16. keep in mind, this rsps isnt trusted or known anywhere. be careful, and if you wish to still play use sandboxie
  17. XLPC Scene back :SpongeSqueak:

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