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  1. yo eop what happend 1/12/2018

  2. Eop slumping and get flamed on here all day and not even one eop member replies lol

    feels bad man, feels bad 

  3. Eop on life support rn

    who’s next?

  4. Yo repa can you stfu. People stopped returning when you unmuted. L000000000000000l

  5. Eop is the laughing stock of the community 

  6. step 2

    fuk me yas lmao

    eop got smoked lmfaoo
  7. #1foe 

    pm any foe member if you wanna leak !!! 

  8. EoP was down 40-60 for 80% of the F2P trip and ended up logging at CA.

    EoP took a fake ending at GDZ on Sunday while Foe had 100 in game at gap.

    Wilderness fullout champions my ass l0l

    1. foxy


      so starting and ending a fight at where the fight was the entire time is losing? sounds like you're delusional friend


  9. IR smoked, EoP lost to foe and idk what teh fuck apex were doing


    bad weekend for the 3 way alliance