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  1. 15 years is a damn long time... grats
  2. Doc

    Ascent Closing Topic

    gang shit
  3. Doc

    pkri The Boys vs WAR singles run in

    gj on the action
  4. Doc

    Excel says hi

    welcome back gl!
  5. couldn't agree more ryan its legit autism... nobody wants to fight mains every weekend like rage and op did vs cd lmao
  6. being neutral at one point u guys had like 40 mains to like 30 pures with 70 people in game in singles considering like 25 of them were tannies mercenaries we will see next weekend but overall eop did bring alot of mains last weekend something like 50 or something but I think this main bullshit should just attend I dont blame all the eop members or even ur members who didnt return to the 1v1 main rag fest at graves. I think alot of people can agree...
  7. Doc

    Sunday - DK/Cards

  8. Doc

    pure Pure Community Aftermath Topics

    shud get some more tips from fellow chinaman before posting
  9. check out fatality clan-fi.org