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  1. Himsa

    Fo keeps donating

    ?? he was always trash even in Doom l0l
  2. whats more shameful?? Saints getting robbed or Apex having 2 clans close into them and still getting railed by ONE clan?

    1. H I T T A

      H I T T A

      I vote the Apex one. I think that's the right answer?

  3. boi i seen you fucking die this weekend multiple times
  4. Word around the grapevine is that holydream and big dick Austin are gonna close the apps in the start of 2019. Already expecting to pull 150+for their opening 2019 trip and reaching near 200ML, do yall think that will fix the broken pure scene?? With apps being closed for them, then maybe EOP,SUP or FI will get some good leftovers and thus can rebuild and compete for the #1 spot in 2019.
  5. Himsa

    lpc DMK ~ P2P Team ~

    FOE has an active GMT unit, hit up a rank to schedule some matched PKRI sometime
  6. FOE midweeks every single day
  7. Himsa

    Envy Rivalry Record in 2018

    Envy doesnt win
  8. Himsa

    how did ur saturday trip go?

    worked all day but from the looks of it FOE on top BAYBAY
  9. Himsa

    who broke/will break first

    EOM never comes back lmao
  10. IR+APEX+EOP please just wear the same cape tomorrow and make things easier for you l0l

  11. Himsa

    EOP Anniversary in a nutshell LMFAO

    top quality banter