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  1. Who's Your Daddy

    Legacy - The Garbage of the pure community

  2. Who's Your Daddy

    weekend Rage Saturday: Cluster Domination ft. CD/LY/MAINS

    15 mains and ly still smoked, yikes
  3. Who's Your Daddy

    weekend 70 Legacy Spartan's Murder CD Ft Rage

  4. cd comes on top first rushing foe with mains, now cd? Yikes
  5. Who's Your Daddy

    pkri Rage Vs Critical Damage | F2P PKRI

    ty 4 action
  6. Who's Your Daddy

    lol @ elit3 bs3r

  7. Who's Your Daddy

    weekend DC slaps dog shit clan SKO

    ty 4 staff
  8. ty BP onslaugh and daeva legacy slumping
  9. Who's Your Daddy

    pkri Fearless Wednesday P2p return fight Ft CD

    gf fs ty 4 action stay shit legacy
  10. Who's Your Daddy

    weekend Daeva smokes Legacy

    sad legacy tactics! gj Daeva
  11. Who's Your Daddy

    midweek Tuesday: Squeaky Clean F2P Pkri vs Fearless

    GF FS