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  1. Steve


    I guess this gives Apex an easy way out of the 'rivalry' if I can even call it that lol.
  2. Steve

    main Adrenaline #1 Warring Clan

    looks cool but the clan wars looks boring as f on a main.
  3. Steve

    Another Hilarious Broken Clan Audio Leak

    SHITPEX thinks FOE is trying? yikes lmfao. This is all easy work man.
  4. Steve

    A proposal for FOE & Apex...

    If it isn't obvious that FOE is number 1 already bro then idk what to say lol.
  5. Where's the propaganda now apex 😂😂
  6. They'll probably close very soon
  7. Steve

    Resurgence 50m Tuesdays | The Holy Order

    Too easy for Resurgence
  8. gj, why did you end so early
  9. Steve

    20 def movement?

  10. Steve

    Any IMT Rank+

    not gonna lie this is very cringe
  11. Steve

    Zo Rage

    hahahaha this was fun as f
  12. Steve

    pure Nox #1 recruiter

    Imagine joining a clan who have auto accepted 60+ members and gave a rank to a founder of a clan who closed his own clan to be a rank in a masser clan. I would of chose FOE as well if I was EOP was ez.