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  1. LOL ''playing it smart'' You literally just hug single running up and back, stop claiming ''oh but we fight you down 20'' but you hug single line every single time lol. Might as well not fight us because you do the same at corp as well even when we have matched ops pkri's with a 15-20 min cap. Same old same old.
  2. Steve

    cwa Fatality vs Apex 2-1 F2P Prep [40v40]

    gratz on #5 apex. good win Fatality, not sure how you only killed 3 Apex in first round though.
  3. l0l no foe no sharkbrew
  4. Breaking down a 2 minute video, while you're an Apex member posting on an alias, Clearly i'm the obsessed one.
  5. No idea my friend I'm seeking the answer here..
  6. @1:03. Randomly fading out mid fight @1:51. Cutting out with 17 in game whilst FOE has over 30, showing shitpex getting cleared. @2.23. Ended video with 38 shitpex capes against over 50 FOE capes. Can anybody explain this video if im missing something? honestly unsure what it's about. Honestly thought this video was a troll but it's some retired APEX member who vidded and uploaded it lmfaooo.
  7. Steve

    cwa Resurgence V Liths | CWA (2-1)

    good shit boys
  8. Gratz on #2. Thanks for the clean fight on corp hill, you guys are definitely a better fight than Apex could ever give us.
  9. Steve


    I guess this gives Apex an easy way out of the 'rivalry' if I can even call it that lol.
  10. Steve

    main Adrenaline #1 Warring Clan

    looks cool but the clan wars looks boring as f on a main.
  11. Steve

    Another Hilarious Broken Clan Audio Leak

    SHITPEX thinks FOE is trying? yikes lmfao. This is all easy work man.