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  1. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, December 9th; Final Ownage Elite massed up 115 elites to defend our title as the greatest wilderness clan in the P2P server. Since it was Misfits anniversary, we were prepared for them to have a high pull and we knew we would be fighting down numbers but it didn't even come close to fazing us. Multiple clans such as EOP / BP tried to team on us today with Misfits but we still conquered and took the victory at CA. Despite fighting down over 50 opts, we didn't give up once and returned hard till the very end and were left untouched while every clan teled out from the 1 hour return fight. Another amazing performance from FOE where we show that no clan can compete with us no matter the odds. ~Schweden ~Utc ~Erik ~Ryan Old Pears The initial fight began with us defending north of mossies. We were prepared for them to rush us with 40+ in game but we had the sheer advantage when it came to quality so we gained a small lead off the rush. We caught them in massive clumps and eventually they decided to move east towards spider hill where we followed them. EOP attempted to crash us from the east but within 5 seconds we forced them to log out and run from the fight (They couldnt telle from us). Misfits began their sprint towards gap while we trailed behind killing multiple people. Eventually they moved south of gap and we gained a HUGE lead. We chased them all the way to CA where the fight resumed. After walking Misfits 35 wild levels down, a new fight was on the horizon at CA. As usual, we expected multiple clans to crash us and team on us but we were planning on being there until the end. EOP tried rushing us multiple times throughout this part of the fight but every time they tried, we chased them and fully cleared them forcing them to telle out every time they tried. For around 30 minutes we were fighting around 4 clans at CA 1v4. The fight ended when we moved onto corp hill to take on EOP who was attempting to crash us, after slamming EOP and making them end their trip. We ran 10 steps south to CA with 65+ in game but Misfits was no where to be seen. Unfortunately, they wanted to end the fight so they left early as we took our ending with 90 at CA. Misfits decided with 100 in edge to go to a drop party instead of coming out to fight again only 1 hour into the trip, knowing all other clans ended and nobody else could help out I don't blame them. That's a yikes from me dawg.
  2. Can confirm from an un-biased point of view (Looting) There's no doubt SUP destroyed IR today.
  3. Biggest yikes. Audio coming soon stay tuned.
  4. Steve

    M3rcy, keep returning bro.... You got this!

    Hello darkness my old friend.
  5. Worry about your own shit clan that got smoked today bruv
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    pure hey i made a meme

  7. foe. We have like 10 aussies. and we are the best lol.. what else do you want.
  8. Steve

    No p2p action this sunday?

    Foe smashed EOP. EOP went 1 item after 30 mins. Everyone tele'd from foe. That's it.
  9. + spam says it all bruh