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  1. The community has changed too much for anything like this to work, the last time it worked as intended was 13 years ago. It worked very well at that point and was one of the features of the pure community, highlighted by Fatality challenging Eruption of Pures for #1 in summer 2007 and making record traffic and engagement on PC. I’ve got a list of all the pure clans on the RAW list then, and it was over 30 with semi regular wars for places. Bounty Hunter craters was the death knell of it, it made a brief resurgence when clan wars started figuring into the equation but as Sefket’s Pure Community closed down and with it the RAW list, it ceased to exist at all. With Clan Wars it was the perfect place for it as crashing and or cheating had been a slight issue in the wilderness era so there were high hopes that it could be ressurected in the sterile and fair CW environment. Myself and Omni brought it back on the successor community Pure Warfare and that had some legs for a while, but even then the attitude of the pure community was changing and other than a few big wars it wasn’t used by the participants to its advantage. I remember a clan opening and joining it at #17 during this period and having bi-weekly important, meaningful RAW wars (fighting #16, then #15, etc) and it really propelled their clan. When fights have high stakes it creates good morale. Unfortunately the higher the clan climbed the higher tier clans were defensive of their position and fights came to a halt. It reached a boiling point when MM left the RAW list and FOE, and some other higher tier clans left. After that it was inauthentic. For it to work it needs maximum engagement by all clans in the community, and most importantly the TOP clans in the community. These days that would be an impossible task. In the heyday of the RAW list clans were much more agreeable with each other and realised the potential of using the RAW list to expand their clans. As time went on clans became less stable and one loss could mean their clan would close; this has accelerated into the modern era where seemingly no clan will admit a loss. Why would a clan potentially risk losing and the closure of their clan? It suffered inactivity and quietly was shelved, and would probably see the same fate if implemented today. In principal it’s a great idea but the realistic take on it is that it could never work. Since 2011 or whenever it was last tried with real focus the clans in the community have become much more introverted and it simply isn’t in the best interests of these clans to be a part of something like this. Top clans wouldn’t join it even to start with and render it unimportant. It’s a shame because at its height it was a great tool for the community.
  2. Ivi Fear Ivi recruited me to MM in 2004/2005. The good old days
  3. [NME] Enemy is greatest clan name of all time, whoever came up with that is a top tier genius (it was me). Epidemic wasnt too shabby either. Not to mention the Epidemic Juniors, Epicdemic. Outside of those I've always loved the name Fatality, excellent name.
  4. Hard to narrow it down to one clan but would be interesting to see how Epidemic/NME fared in the current scene. I'd say MM as well but honestly they had a monopoly on the pure community and their absence provides (or should provide) motivation for other clans to try and cement their legacy.
  5. Miss you Plode aka the progenitor of the 30 def virus
  6. I'm reopening both NME and Epidemic at the same time as the interchangeable #1 and #2 pure clans
  7. Im 25 and started pure clanning in 2004, 13 years ago. Kind of wild to think that there will be children on this forum who were not even a twinkle in their fathers eyes much less alive when I was first dropping clans and cleaning noobs at duelly. Puts alot of the posts by some people into perspective
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