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  1. Ivi Fear Ivi recruited me to MM in 2004/2005. The good old days
  2. [NME] Enemy is greatest clan name of all time, whoever came up with that is a top tier genius (it was me). Epidemic wasnt too shabby either. Not to mention the Epidemic Juniors, Epicdemic. Outside of those I've always loved the name Fatality, excellent name.
  3. Hard to narrow it down to one clan but would be interesting to see how Epidemic/NME fared in the current scene. I'd say MM as well but honestly they had a monopoly on the pure community and their absence provides (or should provide) motivation for other clans to try and cement their legacy.
  4. Miss you Plode aka the progenitor of the 30 def virus
  5. I'm reopening both NME and Epidemic at the same time as the interchangeable #1 and #2 pure clans
  6. Im 25 and started pure clanning in 2004, 13 years ago. Kind of wild to think that there will be children on this forum who were not even a twinkle in their fathers eyes much less alive when I was first dropping clans and cleaning noobs at duelly. Puts alot of the posts by some people into perspective
  7. Ah, the RAW list. I was the manager of it alongside Omni and `Pure. Was great for the time, but unfortunately could never work now. From a completely neutral viewpoint (i was in neither of these clans) The greatest RAW war in history has to be given to the EOP vs Fatality 2 week prep in the summer of 2007. Fatality were the undisputed kings of F2P for 2007. They obliterated all competition with ease, and they truly were untouchable. EOP trailed them and were better than anybody else who dared step to them, but lost to Fi consistently and in convincing fashion. Tired of losing so much, EOP upp'ed their requirements and spent 2 months building a ridiculous range unit of level 99 rangers, going from mid level to having some of the best averages of all clans, including MM/FOE/TLP. After a training and recruitment drive, it paid off and soon after they were the first clan to beat Fi in a very long time, and continued to do so week in, week out. Interestingly, it was at this point that the RAW list came out with EOP being placed at the top spot of #1 after the several wins over Fatality, something hotly discussed in the community at large. Fatality of course disputed EOP as the true #1 F2P pure clan, and miraculously now had the system to prove it - the RAW list. Fatality (#2) declared on Eruption of Pures (#1) for the right to the claim of greatest F2P pure clan, and after days of fuckery finally decided on a 2 week prep. The build up is what makes this the greatest RAW war of all time, for 2 weeks on Pure Community discussion was rife as this single fight would determine once and for all who was the GREATEST F2P PURE CLAN, no excuses. All roads led to that point. There would be no dispute; whoever won this would literally be the best pure clan on the game. When game day came, Fatality proved to be all the more experienced and fleshed out in terms of memberbase, and Fatality dethroned EOP from the #1 spot and took back what in their opinion was rightfully theirs. Poetically enough, Fatality were the better clan at the point and went on to have an awe inspiring run as #1 F2P powerhouse, whereas EOP would dwindle off and after some real Machiavellian behind the scenes hacking amongst their leadership, would fall into a slump for the better part of a year and a half, only to return with a vengeance with a #1 run of their own.
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