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  1. Ben

    some1 update me plz

    Imo, fair point of view (despite the fact I'm in FOE). Foe smoked Apex in the initial battle but then there were about 15 Apex members continuously returning between Corp/CA with 1 item - apart from maybe 2/3 people who kept returning in full gear (fair play to Bell and some others). It was about 90/100 FOE against 20 Apex (max) for a solid 3/4 hours (there were numerous attempts where they were completely wiped off the map, just to return 20 seconds later with a 'regroup' to die in 20 seconds) - FOE wanting to get the full clear but Apex just teleporting up without offering too much offence repeatedly. Then a few clans came Apex's aid about 4 hours in and they went up to 50/60 people (and some Apex who had left rejoined) FOE had dropped to about 50/60 members as it went past mid-night GMT. Apex climbed to 80/90 (maybe even more?). Some people were saying BP/IR went with Apex but I couldn't really name anyone in those clans other than some of the ranks, so couldn't comment. FOE pulled it south to FOG due to mains/internal combat difference and kept doing what Apex were doing for the previous few hours by returning/continuing the rag war but Apex tele'd away claiming a win due when they had a numerical advantage, as opposed to a full clear. It was cancer. The introduction of corp/ca teleports are probably the worse thing that could have happened for PKRIs, it literally takes 15 seconds to return in these rag wars which are so stupid.
  2. Should just stop having separate trip times. Force people to commit to one clan, in one big community like the old days. The best will survive and compete, those not will be forced to adapt or die.
  3. Ben

    cwa CWA vs Supremacy

    Grats guys, looked fun.
  4. Ben

    Speak Up Rats.

    Tbh, I expected them to call of returning a lot sooner than they did, fair play to them. Expecting a bigger battle tomorrow.
  5. fun fun fun Didn't see a single main.
  6. Ben


    Will be interesting. Apex entering new territory. Fun fun fun.
  7. Ben

    how did ur saturday trip go?

    Very good, thanks :). Had a clean 1 vs 1 with SUP.
  8. Think he meant BP, some clan in green hats that had MF capes. It was fun, gf’s. Hopefully we can have a couple more fights in the upcoming weeks.
  9. I would say join FOE before it's too late.... but in reality, it's a bit late now..
  10. Ben

    Weekend predictions

    FOE will win again.
  11. Nice pull, seems like you're buzzing. Excuse the poor pun. Hopefully we can get a 1 vs 1 next week.