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  1. Well done guys. Loved the montage at the start. Such a shame that there's no clear run-ins now; was always a highlight of old anni trips. Those big opt fights where you were able to fight with your entire community, past and present.
  2. Did you challenge them to a 50 vs 50 or a full out?
  3. Big task ahead. If we're anticipating a 'pure' bracket and that Jagex will listen on what the rules should be, I think the most important thing is to get a consensus from all the clan leaders on what the rules should be... and given the relationship and pettiness between some clans/ranks, that's going to be a mammoth task - good luck Kim.. Hopefully clan leaders don't try to 'downplay' the Jagex Cup to their members for fear of losing. As long as the rules are decent, it's actually a great opportunity to have some fun and compete for something substantial rather than just a signature, RSGP or some other shit (no offence)..
  4. If the issue is mains, clans who agree not to use mains and are serious about it, should go to clan wars for the foreseeable future and have PCL each week. Rather than the PCL typical 'challenge system' where not all clans are guaranteed a fight, they should have a mini round-robin each weekend to see who comes out on top, irrespective of whether you pull 20 more or less of someone. Turn it into a league format where you get X amount of points for a win and if you win the most points on a Saturday or Sunday, you get X amount of points towards a monthly or seasonal award. If the issue is clan leaders depriving their members of action, then you can start to question why people are still in those clans. Yes, PCL has been done recently (but only for weeks at a time and not for the longevity that will have an impact). Sure, it may splinter the community into two factions but fuck it, this isn't going to be a quick or easy fix. There have been multiple community led initiatives to try to 'fix' the community over the last decade, none of which have worked long-term. The fact we've had a completely server shift to a new version of the game and still managed to fuck it up so magnificently again is kinda amusing.
  5. My opinion from what I've seen over the years is the game itself is trash and people regularly lose interest. Leaders struggle to keep members motivated, so create rivalries to 'hype' their members up. This gives them a reason to show up (because just showing up to PK some noobs for loot isn't as fun as it used to be, right?) but these clan leaders need to then deliver or fear looking 'weak'. (I know this isn't anything new and has been going on forever, we did it back in Epidemic in 08, DP in 09 and NME in 2012 and clans were doing this way before us!) I, personally, stopped finding wildy fights fun when Jagex removed the hopping timer as everyone could instantly hop. I felt this changed the dynamic of pure fights and made any fight above circa 50 vs 50+ a long drawn out return fight, typically lasting 2-3 hours. When a clan was low on opts, they would pull to a return spot and try to out-survive their opponents until they grew in numbers and then the opposing clan would do the same. It meant that if you were down by 10 or 15 at the start, it didn't really matter as even if your members were shit and dying at a ratio of 20:1, you could just outlast your opponent if you just kept returning. It became a boring tedious cycle of who had the most capes on a cape counter, that happened in both servers every single weekend. When you've got clans in a rivalry, who are unable to objectively clear each other fairly (or unfairly), they will do all they can to 'outdo' each other and demonstrate to the 'pure world' and their members that they are the clan that is progressing (or at least not regressing). They turn to utilizing alliances with other pure & main clans (and yes, I acknowledge this isn't a new thing and clans have done this forever) but when both clans have the alliances, that then escalates into botting up armies of 'tank accounts.' When both clans in a rivalry do that, it then escalates even further into hiring 'mercenaries' from Venezula, just to get those capes up in the corner. Everything spirals out of control and you end up in the situation we've got now... where nobody cares about the game anymore and the little enjoyment the people who do play stems from this rivalry 'hype.' Perhaps the long overdue clanning update that Jagex plan to introduce will do something again for clanning but I doubt it. Or, the community will find a magical savior who will open a clan and create a clan that succeeds with a completely different model, than finds alternative ways to motivate members in game than the multiple remakes/rehashed clans we have nowadays... but again, I doubt it. As a final side note, I also kinda find it funny how the primary community site/hub for the pure community nowadays, also actively encourages mains to post too. If ever there was a symbol that the two clanning communities are entwinned, it's that - even if it doesn't gain traction from the 'top' main clans.
  6. Observed from afar for the last 3 years or so but it looks like it's officially dead. People let the desperation and fear of possibly losing and looking bad on a video game get the better of them. Almost everyone has tried to cheat their way above their rivals little by little over the last 5 years and it has eventually added up to a point where the community is beyond repair.
  7. I give all this about 6-8 more weeks and then everything in this topic will become even more irrelevant.
  8. Haven't played in a while but if there's one thing I know from my time in FOE, it's they know how to ride momentum. Even if FI keep on top for a couple of weeks/months, FOE will keep on in there. Eventually (in the same way it always does), things will click for FOE and they will ride that momentum and dick on everything for a couple of months (normally towards the end of the year). It's inevitable that that will happen at some stage, it's just whether FI can do what very few clans have done over the last decade or so and keep up with FOE for a prolonged period once they hit their stride.
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