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  1. I give all this about 6-8 more weeks and then everything in this topic will become even more irrelevant.
  2. Haven't played in a while but if there's one thing I know from my time in FOE, it's they know how to ride momentum. Even if FI keep on top for a couple of weeks/months, FOE will keep on in there. Eventually (in the same way it always does), things will click for FOE and they will ride that momentum and dick on everything for a couple of months (normally towards the end of the year). It's inevitable that that will happen at some stage, it's just whether FI can do what very few clans have done over the last decade or so and keep up with FOE for a prolonged period once they hit their stride.
  3. Give it a rest will ya lad. It's almost as embarrassing as Arsenal's defence.
  4. Shout out to my boy Ed in the chat whose joining FOE.
  5. Well done guys. Looked pretty straight forward but you guys are always dangerous in these mid-pulling preps.
  6. What's this about a new movement, eh? :D:D
  7. One sounds like he's out of breath. ...the other sounds like Marge Simpson..
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