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  1. Give it a rest will ya lad. It's almost as embarrassing as Arsenal's defence.
  2. Shout out to my boy Ed in the chat whose joining FOE.
  3. Well done guys. Looked pretty straight forward but you guys are always dangerous in these mid-pulling preps.
  4. What's this about a new movement, eh? :D:D
  5. One sounds like he's out of breath. ...the other sounds like Marge Simpson..
  6. Was fun. Took it up a few gears when we needed to.
  7. Nice F2P prep streak lads. Looking forward to our battle tonight.
  8. Don't think it'll make much difference as I've only seen a handful of people tele out of F2P. Will be useful for those stupid mains that snipe our fights though.
  9. Yikers Didn't expect a topic from LY this weekend.
  10. Helps when your members make half the topic about themselves.
  11. No idea but I assume they'll end up blaming FOE for it, lol.
  12. Ow I wondered how long it would take to go from this 'saving the scene' integrity persona to leaking stuff, lol.
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