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  1. Lol, spam, impersonate, deny all knowledge
  2. Clan Banner Illustration

    that looks sweet
  3. and two higher opts rounds which would cement this as a prep, ty. Losing a prep isn't so bad, chill
  4. so you guys got a big mini which turned into a prep, nice to see both clans active.
  5. yeah... it's a prep
  6. Beer.

    Love a wide range of different beers and ales, prefer kicking back in the evening with a bottle of stella tho
  7. The Cancer [EoM]

    someone's salty they only had the bones for 52
  8. Wilderness Clan of the Month - October

    I don't see your names @'d In other words, didn't ask
  9. Congratulations to Misfits, winners of this award 6 times in a row. A special thanks to: @Kim @Koed Beastly @Break @Nixon @B-ryan Winner: Misfits Points:48 Special thanks to @Lenin for the gfx Runner-up: Special Forces Points: 40.25 apologies for late delay, pretty hectic month for all with many updates site related WCOTM TRACKER: @Overseer @Counselor @Mediator @Gatekeeper @Veteran @VIP @Member
  10. banter
    Who's the better caller?

    he's not bad in all honesty I've heard worse