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  1. Jagex has your dox

    Ok now I'm interested, let's see what they know about me.
  2. all good, will just have a main tourny with clan leaders who are not scared of losing
  3. I felt it worthy for the topic at hand
  4. Eom summed up in one picture...

    I bet I still have some messages like that in my cache
  5. suggestion?

    The answer is 42
  6. Because i don't want small cock weirdo's on this site, u post a willy, you're very silly... Sorry If he's your friend and you want to defend his online presence, but I don't really care.
  7. Whipz Exposed

    she didn't, I did. You can debate sure, outright lying is different.
  8. Whipz Exposed

    hence my previous reply, if someone can show this happening i'll be happy to oblige with bans
  9. Whipz Exposed

    And how is that exactly? I haven't ever seen kim say "hey, dox this person" If sup have conducted a dox on someone, I wouldn't hold Kim responsible for that. Just as I wouldn't hold Moni responsible for something Foe might do, myself with EoP or Koed with mf
  10. Whipz Exposed

    a person is free to post a topic stating how something happened to them, unsure how you want us to punish some1? If you're referring to a ban on site, sure, show us this happening and i'll be happy to oblige
  11. Whipz Exposed

    well considering you're too beta to do that as of yet I took the liberty of doing it for you grand total of posts linked to the encrypted IP, sitting on ts for the past hour with the OP listening to what "home boy" has been getting up to really reminds me how insecure and down right pathetic some people's existances truly are
  12. MILZAN Intro

  13. Whipz

    Some of us feel when you're creeping to the extent of sending your substandard penis images to girls online you probably need an intervention.