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  1. Shame if people are not knowledgable about these folks, but when dealing with rats such as AK and Elve, what exactly do you expect to happen?
  2. The old who are you retort How ever will he come back from this monster burn
  3. you guys are the main dudes right? Nice to see new blood in miniwars
  4. Honestly not been this impressed since Havoc gfx I'd like to see a larger collab of your works, you should post a collection
  5. https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?app=memberbetting&module=main&controller=events&id=16 alternatively click the large betting icon at the top of forums. Two f2p preps between Supremacy + fi, Supremacy + foe Thursday and Friday, betting will close two hours before starting times, for more information please click the link above. Prep rules are located in the title and description of the pure events. Happy gambling @Member @Veteran @Kingpin @Gatekeeper @Mediator @Counselor @Overseer
  6. I admit, that shit is intimidating
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