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  1. No they're probably mad with you spamming out and looking to argue anyone who spoke in Line chat on a daily basis, making danny's irl pic your own, constantly looking to aggrieve situations on the phone and help with nothing. didn't make sense and definitely not the same as what you did last time at GK. You act like nothing was done, not true. Beyond that it's amusing you trying to make a point of this incident even though you know further details not included in the topic as to how the situation arose. I told slush this is how it should be dealt with. I guess eop is bias for sup lmfoa I don't think the problem is me being on kims leashe, but rather me not being on eop's
  2. It was, my clans being pissy because they don't like supremacy. Dulls demotion was due to him being a broccoli with every single sb rank.
  3. Clan ranks actions themselves show this, not a statement slush has made lol. Clan leaders have minimal care with the exception of a very miniscule percentile when it comes to doxing. This was seen with the FOE/EOP situation and to a more discreet extent, lower pulling clans too.
  4. First of all the situation with EOP/FOE was different and a lot worse, if you somehow come to the conclusion sb now condones doxing, then you're just being an tomato. CONTEXT. I don't condone phils actions but he was certainly triggered into the situation. He does it again he's gone If you wish I can reveal the other side to this doxing conversation which paints IR in a really bad light.
  5. The unaddressed cancer in the community...

    Shut the fuck up you cry baby broccoli no1 can see your ip, we get it your in eop like me and you don't like some people who have ranks I did not ask
  6. Try now, the ability to make status updates had been turned off on your profile (you have the ability to edit this yourself also, I just did it for you)
  7. banter
    Rest in Peace FOPEX 1/6/2018

    fat gotenks gif You surpassed yourself this time kar nar
  8. When reading becomes substandard Simply put, bye rounds suck and when avoidable it's worth doing. If clans would of already started fighting I would agree with you, but currently no fights have taken place. Not as if you're being put in any sort of disadvantage here. (the more clans the better the tourny)