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  1. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, October 21st; Final Ownage Elite massed up 103 elites to show the entire pure community why FOE are the legends of P2P. We took advantage of our amazing pull and absolutely dismantled the entire Anti-Foe Alliance. What FOE did today was a perfect example of what we are all about. The most unbreakable pure clan took on the alliance in a 1v4 battle and ended as the uncontested winners and kings of gdz. We completely outperformed the alliance from all ends, today was a display of pure fucking excellence and domination. Another historic trip where FOE stuns the pure community. EOP, IR, APEX, and Jaja all joined forces to take us on today, but FOE broke each of them 1 by 1 and stood strong as the winners of the 2 hour return fight. No help needed, we are the fucking greatest. No main, ragger, teaming stopped us from controlling the entire trip. There is ZERO propaganda in this topic and if you look at the vids and fight descriptions you will see everything from a clear point of view. You are all fucking legends of P2P. ~Heism ~Utc We started the trip off by sending Apex a message at east ruins. We hit them in single with 90 to their 45 and after 2 mins we either killed all of them or made them tellie and hide in edge. Was really funny watching their members go afk when they saw FOE rushed them. We saw a cluster at fog and cleared it up. We saw Apex first and completely wiped them off the map and made them tellie first. FOE Starting - 100 vs. IR Starting - 80 EOP Starting - 70 (with 25 mains of their own) Apex Starting - 45 Jaja Starting - 15 mains The battle began with uis rushing IR at GDZ, we gained a huge advantage early on in the fight and prepared for the alliance clans to come aid them. Eop was the 2nd clan to come with Jaja in their capes and for about 45 minutes it was us in a 1v2 scenario vs EOP + IR. We were running circles around the 2 delusional clans and had our way with them the entire fight as they were getting regroups left and right to re-rush us. About an hour into the fight, Apex decided to show up but Supremacy wiped them off the map as we held off the 1v2. Having the most unbreakable members on the game, we were confident in our ability to outlast all of the alliance and we did just that. We had control the ENTIRE fight despite being teamed on from multiple angles and getting ragged by a countless amount of mains. For about 2 hours straight, IR and EOP were both held under 40~ in game the entire fight before they all gave up and ended during the fight, leaving us our throne. Expected them to last more than 2 hours but they called off returns and handed us the W. FOE Ending - 85 (85 cc) vs. IR Ending - 0 (30 in cc) EOP Ending - 0 (40 in cc) Apex Ending - 0 (ended and went in Eop capes) Jaja Ending - 0
  2. this screenshot literally proves that you guys bring mains, why would you possibly be sitting at gdz when you pulled 60, 30 less than us? thats right, because you had 30 mains logged out
  3. trying to understand why apex is so irrelevant in the wilderness and anywhere else outside of p2p minis, can anybody help me?
  4. no one takes this game more serious than your clan LMFAO shut your dumb ass up good dog btw keep defending eop and they might not leave you to die this weekend
  5. apex will forever be irrelevant in the wilderness
  6. You do understand crying about how awful your anni was isn't banter right? LOOOL
  7. shame you lost your inner vs IR! nobody tagged you buddy I think you're seeing things... guess that's what happens when you spend all of your time in a safe minigame huh.... lookin forward to ending your doggie clan this weekend foe closed doom btw get over it, LOL!
  8. nobody cares yet you've been viewing this thread for the entirety of its life span. YIKES! eom in shambles
  9. beating apex in f2p makes you #1 matched? what the fuck are you smoking buddy LOL
  10. feel free to pm a rank in sup/foe, I'm sure they'd accept a prep against you the minute they receive the pm i can't tell if you're trolling or if you actually think ir is in the big leagues, pathetic little man
  11. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Wednesday, October 17th: Final Ownage Elite gathered up 45 elites to take on Supremacy for our scheduled F2P rematch. Seeing as Supremacy is really our only good competition in F2P, we knew it would be one hell of a prep. We came into today level headed, confident that our last prep was a fluke loss and we proved ourselves right. The rounds were really close and good fun for everyone but we pulled through with a very clutch round 3 performance for the W. #1 again men, cya this weekend. Round 1: Defeat Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 35/0 Supremacy Starting/Ending: 35/15 Round 2: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 36/21 Supremacy Starting/Ending: 36/0  Round 3: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 37/14 Supremacy Starting/Ending: 37/0 @Utc
  12. your clan refuses to prep sup full stop and you will only prep foe at 6:30pm EST on a friday because of the fact that most of foes p2p unit is GMT OT: Grats IR, seems like anyone can beat anyone in F2P atm
  13. can't see ir/eop/apex winning anything as long as apex stays useless in the wildy and eop keeps pulling 40 ppl tbh
  14. i'd hope you'd be desperate as well after peaking at 79 on ts and ending with 58 actually blows my mind to see how much shit you guys talk, yet you manage to produce absolutely no result every single weekend
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