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  1. unsure as to why you've posted a prep topic for a 1 set miniature war win o.O
  2. GlGGS

    Which Clan?

  3. not sure how that's relevant but go on
  4. imagine attending a midweek trip lmfao
  5. 4v1ing us with a 40 man advantage and ending 1 hour into the trip does not fall under the definition of winning, thanks for trying though
  6. GlGGS

    Is God a sexual predator?

    LMFAO this @RNG guy has lost his head, calm down buddy it's not that deep
  7. GlGGS

    who broke/will break first

    eop is broken
  8. gf sup was competitive
  9. GlGGS

    Gz pups

    pups stay winning