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  1. u kids have got to be trolling at this point
  2. yeah nice losing topic you're gonna have to hire the entire continent of south america if you wanna go for more than 2 hours next weekend
  3. you need atleast 150 vennies next weekend if u wann go for more than 2 hrs
  4. terrified noob avoider clan clinging on to the only significant win their clan has ever had, can't say i'm surprised!
  5. you sat through 4 hours of a winning clans audio and this is what you decided to leak rage propaganda machine working overtime it seems
  6. actually hilarious how you guys have managed to convince yourself that you're some sick matched opts clan because you won one f2p prep out of the 10 we've had stay rage (easy & bad)
  7. imagine rushing a clan that has 0 mains with 40 mains then proceed to cry about mains, textbook definition of victims i'd say gl tomorrow but we all know ur just gonna avoid lol ty 4 ez :]
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