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  1. nothing said about me in your post is true but thanks
  2. GlGGS

    LPC Prep Team - Sloth Empire

    thank you reas, very cool!
  3. GlGGS

    Pups vs Fatality 4-0

    arro me ty for battle
  4. Seems like you had a good trip, gj
  5. ty 4 fights sup/legacy, super clean
  6. hopefully these 2 videos clears up any confusion around who was avoiding who, and who came out on top it's only downhill from here btw
  7. in his defence it felt like u had 130 ops ingame lol
  8. GlGGS

    Picture perfect

    wtf is that bro
  9. was a pretty clean fight with a minimal amount of mains, way too easy though🤷‍♀️
  10. only worse thing than apex are ur sharkbrew topics
  11. GlGGS

    "The Great War"

    the great war lasted less than a month, sad...
  12. GlGGS

    Addressing clout-chasers ep. 1

    looks like he baited u into making this topic + hurt ur ego lol
  13. GlGGS

    A Step in the Right Direction

    good initiative, don't really expect anything to change though because of the victim mentality Apex has acquired as of late personally won't be logging onto a main tomorrow, hope to see others follow suit
  14. No Bullshit, Just Results. Thank You For This.
  15. GlGGS

    fo needs Jamz back

    missing jamz rn
  16. GlGGS

    Do main clans have good quality?

    Most mains r honestly bots ingame but the best mains are better than the best pures