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  1. Resistance fucked LY. Our biggest f2p pull yet, big things boys. And you thought we were a rev clan.. SMH
  2. Retired SB Staff member and Current UB Diehard member Brandon Hotgun is upset and has to call his big brother to fight his fights in the school yard. Pictures below 🤣 Mind you, this is the same kid that was making up Contracts just a few months ago for clan Resistance. The clan that UB members flamed him for being in... Deleted User06/27/2019 ok don't tell anyone though Maxed account, unlimited returns/cwa gear/unlimited rs mem/I get to lead events and dinner to top it off And Brandon, welcome back to RuneScape... I see Fortnite didn't work out yet again, so you're here to try to make a name for yourself yet again in this community... just remember the clan members and clan you're so loyal too, they miss you too 😛
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