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  1. https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?app=memberbetting&module=main&controller=events&id=16 alternatively click the large betting icon at the top of forums. Two f2p preps between Supremacy + fi, Supremacy + foe Thursday and Friday, betting will close two hours before starting times, for more information please click the link above. Prep rules are located in the title and description of the pure events. Happy gambling @Member @Veteran @Kingpin @Gatekeeper @Mediator @Counselor @Overseer
  2. Andy

    Crisis in EoP?

    Oh dear...
  3. Andy

    Pups vs Apex 09/25/18 [2-1 sets]

    you guys are the main dudes right? Nice to see new blood in miniwars
  4. Andy

    Buying intro

    Can't say I know who even does intro's atm
  5. Andy

    showcase New GFX in town - Leaks

    Honestly not been this impressed since Havoc gfx I'd like to see a larger collab of your works, you should post a collection
  6. Andy

    showcase Spookie Boi Wins!

    I admit, that shit is intimidating
  7. Andy

    lpc Siege

    leave the siege to me
  8. Andy

    rip mgk

  9. ??? don't give a shit either way, but one thing thats 100% is someone will take the offer
  10. Andy

    Brexit Means Brexit

    i bet ur a rees-mogg enthusiast
  11. Andy


    Basically this, over the years as you could possibly imagine... We have seen our fair share of bad apples coming onto the forums with the sole purpose to release information of a community member, avatars being one method of leaking that private info. Once you have member rank avatars become available @bLaReZ
  12. Andy

    Would We See Fairer U.S. Elections In the Future?

    If people want to take a look at foreign intervention in US politics, look towards Israel
  13. i swear we got that icon on copywrite THIS AINT RIGHT o.t gratz dudes
  14. Andy

    fi eop 2-1 (eat my nut jam!)

    get smoked @Jamz