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  1. Rampage mass name changed for this prep AND paid someone in Astro to suicide in r2 and still took the fat L
  2. Kinda sad people like Parm are that obsessed over pure clanning in 2020. He puts all this energy into a clan he joined 2 months ago but where was all that energy when eop was on its last leg?
  3. Honestly surprised sup is this mad over 1 invite LMFAO very cringeworthy
  4. Damn this what happens when your clan is full of simps
  5. ah yes thanks for confirming your "stance of neutrality" because of the actions of ONE eop rank
  6. eop members like Parm got more energy writing topics like these for a clan he joined a month ago but where was all this energy when eop was on its last leg?
  7. sb mods got more energy claiming they're unbiased on these forums now but where was all that energy when eop was on its last leg?
  8. wow that video convinced me that Rage beat Foe
  9. Reopen and make f2p great again
  10. All I stated was that you mentioned B289, but he stopped playing a while back ago. You really need to stop taking this game too seriously lmfao.
  11. You going to avoid what I posted? And why do you sound so angry lmfao
  12. Somehow 'virtual devil' B289 is bullying a pure clan without even playing runescape anymore?
  13. This dude really took the time to look in his pic history from 2 years ago LOL
  14. that was rot rushing us btw, rw would never rush us like that without hiding behind other clans
  15. Av smokered like smoked trout yunmmm ty for elder maul btw Av whales!!
  16. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Today the Vikings completely dominated the wilderness, pking for over 5 hours uncontested with AV nowhere to be seen. The boys came out with tons of loot, proving again that Veng is indeed the #1 and ONLY independent zerk/med/tank clan in the game. Really wish AV would grow some balls and fight us without daddy RoT holding their hands πŸ˜‚ Loot Pics:
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