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  1. https://obsproject.com/
  2. 8pint

    Exposing Legacy.

    ngl it seems like you only get active when Fi has hype
  3. 8pint

    New terms....

    lmao slush trying to stoke the flames to keep his site alive
  4. lets be honest slush you aren't going to do anything
  5. 8pint

    Reign of trash

    gz purge on being the last remaining red hat pure clan
  6. 8pint

    Day 1 - RoT ends fo in under an hour

    1 week prep to pull 35 and get cleared by a pure clan yikes
  7. all those Apex members can't help losing nice job Sup
  8. 1fbf6280075172f23dbcf3f4d2b6430a.png


    Who's next?

    1. 'Jamie


      Terrible propaganda lmfao that topic from Perry was months ago

    2. 8pint


      52 minutes ago, 'Jamie said:

      Terrible propaganda lmfao that topic from Perry was months ago

      false, also:

      b78c212ad5945a67947336f8514c9f96.png + Rapid + Lalo + many more

    3. 'Jamie


      pm me the pic if it's not true? i'm not in Apex I just know that it was longer than recent.

  9. 8pint

    eop v2

  10. really fun prep, gf Fi
  11. has Apex won anything this week?
  12. 8pint

    LPC Prep Team - Sloth Empire

    prep kittygamers
  13. 8pint

    announcement Promotions - Alan Rickman

    respect for managing to write a 193 word reply in which not a single word is true
  14. 8pint

    Legacy VS. Apex - P2P Mini - 2-0

    Apex have nothing left
  15. 8pint

    Apex Rank Meeting Colorized (2/18/19)

    !loc Colly/Zee/Backwoods/Jeyes/Hormone oh...
  16. 8pint

    Dear Foc & Tannie

    1b is that it?
  17. 8pint

    Dear apex & imt

    give us a challenge Tannie 🙏