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  1. why are u still flexing a clan of the month signature from 3+ years ago l0000000000l stfu rat
  2. Sup big avoider clan. Been doing it since the beginning of their shit history. They won’t accept any declaration and keep flexing 1 round win of a p2p fight against a former xlpc clan l0000000 stay shit you piss yellow rats
  3. prep us u fucking pussy scared of ur rivals on a video game l00000000000000000000000
  4. shut up u dumb dutch dog leaking audio is cringe l0l no1 gives a shit ur like 24 years old uploading a bunch of grown men talking about runescape onto youtube your clan wont fight your rivals in your own server in clw l0000000000
  5. lets compare prep wins this year u dumbass l0l keep avoiding the declaration
  6. damn sup was busy editing audio from weeks ago and ending their trip early while terror was busy 3-0ing a clan in a tournament u were too pussy to be a part of l0000
  7. they are too busy trying to attend other clans purple portal events to have their own
  8. shut up pedo zenith has always been irrelevant and always will be quit trying
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