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  2. all he did was post a topic and u auto flame it. lol
  3. Since most of today's trip consisted of clans testing their f2p edge skills when SKO came to us and asked for a prep with accepted willingly. This being about two hours we managed to keep 20 Spartans On and ready to win yet another prep. Korae's PoV: Toxic's PoV: Uploading LT Starting : 20 SKO Starting : 20 LT Ending : 15 SKO Ending : 0 LT Starting : 20 SKO Starting : 20 LT Ending : 1 SKO Ending : 0 LT Starting : 17 SKO Starting : 17 LT Ending : 0 SKO Ending : 13 Shout-out to Mulug for having to go eat dinner during prep GG
  4. EOP is honestly the most dominant pure clan at the moment..
  5. lel mic was muted @ event
  6. Image[http://s8.postimg.org/46n7lld4l/lt1.png] blocked. Upload At Approved hosts Lt.ts3dns.com | Community | Leettactics CC Confident in our newly-founded matched capability, we asked Cp for a F2P prep. With most of our members hyped for the week off class, we went out with a strong 29 Spartans, determined to bring home a win. We did just that. Toxics PoV: Martys PoV: uploading LT Starting: 24 CP Starting: 24 LT Ending: 15 CP Ending: 0 LT Starting: 22 CP Starting: 22 LT Ending: 14 CP Ending: 0 LT Starting: 19 CP Starting: 19 LT Ending: 11 CP Ending: 0 Interested in joining Leet Tactics? lt-rs.com #Leet-Tactics on SwiftIRC
  7. RD fucked up and wanted to talk brown sticky stuff to EOP. So, my guess is RD
  8. Started today's trip with 38 RED spartans ready to take on anything that came at them. Held a strong 30 throughout a majority of the trip. Thanks for the fights, was a fun trip. Starting off the trip with a bang we approached Authority for a fight south of mossies pond. Quickly got our scims out ontop of their fall in killing a few before it was crashed creating a cluster we stayed camping out bows killing many ZU, and Supremacy. Becoming the main focus of Supremacy's large pull, we quickly dipped to single and logged. Instead of banking asked ZU if they would like to fight, defended directly east of mossies ZU quickly rushing us the fight had begun. Got a scim push quickly focusing thier one defencers we quickly gained the advantage over ZU before being crashed by Supremacy we ran to mossies and logged to bank. Thanks for the fight ZU Round two against the Zerglings as they defended at black knights hill we rushed. Being up opts we rammed our scimitars into their clump decimating them before crashed by Supremacy we ran to singles and logged. Thanks for the fight ZU. CP approached us for a fight down 10. Only Managing to kill three of them before crashed by ZU we ran to a hill south, no clan followed, re rushed fighting ZU for a bit before we ran to singles and logged as the fight had started a cluster we didn't want to be a part of. Thanks for the fight CP. To end the trip ZU asked for a fight at maze we accepted. Defending at maze ZU rushed, us having the advantage mistakes were made and ZU got the better of us . Thanks once again for the fight ZU. [Tigers PoV]
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