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  1. 8 kills no deaths Victim clan brutalized by Resugence again @[email protected] @SybrenThoughts on still being our personal punching bags?
  2. Swear bullying victim clan vag is a daily thing for res @wolffffthoughts on (still) being our personal punching bag whale?
  3. typical low IQ jaja 2018-19 pker wonder what open cc they found you in, either way thanks for the easy clears and agses was not hard
  4. I was there can confirm res(zerk clan) smashed and cleared jaja just like we did at altar while taxing y'all for 3x ags
  5. Didn't Marky step down because he didn't like how jaja was upsetting"daddy rot"? Lmao Marky is more of a rot slave than anyone here tbh
  6. 😂LMFAO another reminder why this pd jr victim clan is worse than us at "every aspect of the game"
  7. Ty for the staff BA was a fun fight big money for the kings
  8. Yea ur right pure scene is so much better, 3 hours of bank standing/sitting in singles for 10 minutes of actual fighting. not to mention the whole autistic rot crash war situation So I guess it's better writing essays as to why you're foe's punching bag in rite?😂
  9. honestly veng aren't even worthy of being considered rivals, just dogshit quality retards like @wolffff who are led by complete pussies who make excuses for why resurgence bullies them at every aspect of the game😂 If you're a veng member and you're tired of being in a pd jr victim clan join your fellow clan mates and spy for a way out
  10. Another action packed day for res while veng sits on the sideline (Imagine being bullied out of the wild on the only day you pull😂) Veng exposed for the weak victim clan they've always been
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