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  1. Some old and new clips that I've been meaning to dump 🐋 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mH4KT_ETstM
  2. #1 in scene and it isn't even close
  3. Res put the whole scene in hiding
  4. Holy fuck imagine being so shit u can't fight ur rivals up 10 opts (in cwa or wild) veng is a joke lmfao edit: getting bullied to singles then ending ur trip so u can sit in the bank for an hour just to get spanked in cwa (4 kills in a round with +3 opts mfw) is an ideal trip for veng
  5. Thanks for the spinner + 4m pissjaja turned it into 600m was really easy Anti-SV aka cacapissthroat are perfect for each other tbh, all dogshit quality
  6. don't know why you're talking about rev when you're in jaja, then again if I was still in that dogshit quality rag clan I wouldn't want to talk about them either easiest "crashwar" of my life lmao>
  7. suicide clan jaja's low pull leading to no impact (again)
  8. lmfao ur steamed dude cool off, being mad on sharkbrew won't change your clan's quality
  9. refer above imagine being dumb enough to believe jaja propaganda lmfao
  10. so wait u get completely railed/cleared so bad you have members claiming they feel like they have 11 with "37 in ts" so your rebuttal is watching my vid (thanks for the sub btw) and spotlighting a mass poke? you guys will really try anything to boost morale, lmfao dead rag clan edit: sv still has 3 videos of the fight (all videos clearly show you being smashed and cleared off the minimap) jaja still has zero videos and it's been over 24 hours. Why doesn't marky post his pov instead of this propaganda garbage?
  11. 0 deaths in addy wish i could say it was competitive but was easy as fuck tbh