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  1. Gf ly someon f2p prep us please
  2. Poo

    i cant help it

    id love to bury apex in f2p, shame they wont prep
  3. Supremacy massed 34 tigers to fight Fatality in a F2P preparation war. we took the win 3-0 through smooth transitions and great listening. Thanks to the lads that turned up. Poo Noel Ham Supremacy - 28 Fatality - 28 Supremacy - 20 Fatality - 0 Supremacy - 28 Fatality - 28 Supremacy - 20 Fatality - 0 Supremacy - 30 Fatality - 30 Supremacy - 15 Fatality - 0
  4. yeah tell ur ranks that, youve already declined us l0l
  5. still waiting for you to prep us lmfao
  6. Poo

    Regarding foe/rot situation

    nothing else to blame but ur egotistic leadership
  7. Poo

    Nawe wins again

    supremacy lost 3 people to rage who were originally rage and my muslim licking mate nawe over here claiming shit when ur still losing lmao go back to school u fucking jobless loser
  8. Massed 46 of the boys to fight Fatality in a free to play preperation war. We took the win 3-0 through slick transitions and great movements. Cheers to all that got online Ham Poo Noel Leading Supremacy 36 Fatality 36 Supremacy 12 Fatality 0 Supremacy 40 Fatality 40 Supremacy 23 Fatality 0 Supremacy 37 Fatality 37 Supremacy 24 Fatality 0
  9. Poo

    Step in the right direction

    the only step in the right direction is unbanning me on discord
  10. 3 clans avoiding f2p prepping is hard work
  11. Poo

    Leaked Photo of ROT & FO peace meeting

    rot need to fuck off getting involved in all the other clans action, focus foe or fuck off and dont turn up
  12. well there was certainly a few towards the end as we killed 3 after you dipped, and i think you should respect the fact we offed you to kill the ly in our capes, dont remember you doing that last week for us
  13. Poo

    Purge vs IR 2-1

    barrage that killing ir from inside