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  1. LOOOOOL ZENITH WHAT ARE YOU DOING ?? 😂 z leadership at its best

  2. Can confirm Zenith incapable of fighting Fi and have been bullied out of team capes to fight 1 itemers LOL
  3. Zenith was bullied into no capes and forced to fight 1 itemers because Z can't beat Fi 1v1 l0l, Pure Community is laughing at Zenith on every pure channel l0l

  4. I don't think you cleared everything in sight, you weren't able to fight back against Fi? Zenith was bullied into no capes and forced to fight 1 itemers because Z can't beat Fi 1v1, you proud of that bud? l0l
  5. Zenith were bullied out of their own teamcape and dying/joining in main wars LOL. Not even allowed in the pure scene, and cant even hang with mains. Zenith members, question your 4 Leaders where they are taking you l0l

  6. Jesus, 100+ pull for 8 weeks straight? Pretty nutty tbh. No Zenith to be found.. AGAIN! Seems to be Zenith has tapped out of the rivalry once and for all
  7. Wtf? this is a losing topic, is killing 1 itemers something pure clans do now to avoid their rivals who are in full gear? LOL
  8. Still no Zenith aftermath or POV for Saturday and Sunday.. a crumbling pure clan! But hey, fighting 1 itemers on a sunday makes for a great clanning experience instead of facing their rivals right 🤣

    1. Baller Army

      Baller Army

      their rivals would pull up and be the first ones escorted out every time lmfa000000000

    2. Pile_Me


      @Baller Army Zenith can type all they want, it doesn't change the outcome of how shit their trips are every single weekend 😂

  9. damn well done Rage, looked like a great saturday
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