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  1. Propaganda princesses back to showing up for 5 minutes and making a topic, gz on yet another boring day of “clanning” for Onslaught.
  2. Looks like a winning topic for BP. Gj on the pull and hype propaganda princess clan Onslaught he slowly being demoralized.
  3. You did nothing but give us more action, keep feeding it to us. It was a bit one-sided once our mains got involved - you can’t hang with us
  4. That’s because your blind; clearly if you think you won a weekend war down 25 opts . 66 opts to your 45, seemed rather one-sided for the Blunts. Maybe one day you’ll have the same quality of pures.
  5. Quick lemme remind you of who ended in 30 minutes Sunday; and ended using mains only. let’s talk about this word “broken” you seem to not know the meaning too
  6. Og has no midweeks ; they rather plan it around our weeks now to get cleared on mains
  7. I think ur lost; we do both consistently
  8. Be reminded, that your own ranks doxxed you and you doxed the kid on TS prior to that, og was the ones who found out his name and doxxed. Stop playing innocent Flower, you created your own cancer now deal with it.
  9. You type a lot for a clan losing its pkris and preps. Focus on important things and type less; might get u somewhere
  10. Nothing, he can’t do anything without assistance; so I’m going to play it by ear, but I bet og does the one and only thing they can do, call upon other clans for assists; like fuck og would win a bp prep nor win vs us in the wilderness. I’m just stating facts. Don’t be so delusional to Flowers propaganda.
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