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  1. unbiased opinion eop really is slumping but we will come back like we always do. just need our boy @dull to step up..

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    2. Crunk
    3. Faked


      haha dull is not gonna save ur clan broccoli

    4. Godbless


      yeah you guys will come back when all the competition dies out as per usual

  2. yeah that certainly was the case this year haha (16:10:16) ‹+[CT]Borzor› i just don't get one thing in general (16:10:33) ‹+[CT]Borzor› eop bullied foe for over half a year, now the sv and eop is a thing pulled 50 to two weekends due to a vast majority of members going inactive over the summer you've been pulling 40s since all the big dogs moved down, you pulled big a couple weeks and now are back at the same pulls with a 120man memberlist joke clan losing a rivalry in 1 week LOL
  3. Had intel that clans were going out today, unfortunately most cancelled their plans so we went out Pking. We knew Sv were trying to mass to hit us but unfortunately they had to sit in edge until Breakable were done losing to supremacy. EOP vs Misfits Found Misfits at CA, made quick work of them. EoP vs CD Found CD east of Sperm, also made quick work of them. EoP vs FO Found FO at dwarves, killed FO at dwarves. EoP vs Misfits Asked Misfits for PKRI, we defended boneyard and when they rushed, we took a lead and never looked back. Sv attempted to crash with their brown sticky stuffty 15 man pull and got into two 6-man clumps lmao. Misfits eventually re-rushed, focusing on EoP so, being low on food having fought two clans, we tele'd out for our next fight. EoP vs Misfits Got another Pkri against Misfits, this time the fight was mostly even for the duration of it, eventually Breakable ran in 1iteming and Sv attempted to crash again. We quickly tele'd to CA and re-rushed the fight, clearing both Sv and Breakable. Cheers for the action misfits and cheers for the free returns, stinky potato masher arab alliance.
  4. Supremacy Starting: 38 Unbreakable Starting: 38 Ending: 37 Had one DC
  5. get a rank to query an op in irc since we're chan banned from ur irc lmao
  6. @@Lufffy @@Versace @@Bash @@x jen selter
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