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  1. damn fi condones this type of action. They were so high in moral accountability last year but condones this type of action. Wow FI you need to respond now!
  2. Lmao the ball is in Fi court now. They really think they have leverage to demand things.
  3. the guy below is an actual beast and the guy above me loves to touch penis for a life.

  4. Fuck the doxing but i doubt KJ doxxed you. that man is a troll
  5. keep the shit ingame. whoever is doxing whether it be Z, FI,Fo or any1 else its cringe. grow up
  6. think clans need to be penalized for avoiding p2p preps
  7. wow moni your vids make my panties wet ohmagawd your so goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
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