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  1. jack is behind the camera...
  2. Lol your clan is DEAD LMAO
  3. Crunk

    pure Nox

    its okay not your best work
  4. Crunk

    announcement 2018 Sharkbrew Awards

    Does anyone take these awards srs?
  5. Crunk

    @EX CD

    LOL TBR BROKEN ALREADY and edited his post lmao
  6. Crunk

    Pure community Hall of Fame

    Thank YOu. Nick aka Mg FTW aka Mage of Strz deserves recognition. He was one those that merge the massing scene and the organized pure scene into one. One of the Godfathers of the Pure Clan.
  7. Crunk

    Pure community Hall of Fame

    CP Sam. Those elder contracts where revolutionary
  8. Crunk

    Apex Hosting

    Lmao no one gives a fuck about slushdookie, moni and kim respect. and no1 gives a fucking about your imput.
  9. Crunk


    Lol i said SUP not Kim. I'm still waiting for nick1 to be added to the community watchlist as you suggested you would do. And nothing happened yet. You have SUP leader say that they harvested ip and hit them off. what more do you need?
  10. Crunk

    Apex Hosting

    Lmao this guy is a joke and just showed his own shit community website why hes a joke.