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  1. hahahaha your clan is fucking broken, start recruiting and stop avoiding your rivals please, 60 bears won't cut it!
  2. how's it feel to be forced to avoid your rivals and run from them at the first sight, something you laughed at supremacy for doing to you? dont forget who did this to your clan, Foe made you go from being the highest pulling clan to an irrelevant little snipe team
  3. you ran at the first sight of foe 10x l00000l you've completely given up on our rivalry because your clan couldn't hang @BvG
  4. why are you linking preps from 2017 LMFAOOOOOOOOOO YOU WERENT EVEN IN THE CLAN BACK THEN most recent p2p event we've had, ty for the quick + easy 3-0
  5. stop bringing mains against your allies it's actually disgraceful
  6. haha this was such a funny post man thank u for this u wanna know something thats not very funny tho? rage has never beaten foe in a p2p event (mini, big mini, prep) stay bad
  7. unknown.png

    1. Blue


      how long do u think zenith will avoid LY to mini? :D

  8. not surprised, rage are notoriously known for their nh tactics
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