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  1. Yes, because main clans have nothing better to do. No reason to go out pking, they wont randomly bump into each other to fight anymore.
  2. Nah it's not fine. People's attitude is only one of the two problems..
  3. The root causes of the current situtation (pure clans playing nh, main clans ragging pure clans) are these: The pking scene is dying (no bh, rev cave, pvmers in wildy). There are a lot less players now in the pking/clanning community. Without midweek pking there is not much reason to play (for many people doing inners and cwa is just not sufficient). I dont blame these people staying away from this game, not bonding their accounts just to have 2 pk trips at weekends. The few hundred players who are still doing clanning are mostly veterans and have hatred for each other. You should look into yourselves and find out what's wrong with what you are doing (only playing the game to ruin others' fun). Until any of these two gets fixed nothing is gonna get better here.
  4. I would make a new acc for this. But we definitely need new clans, not clans moving down.
  5. Would be great but it would require to check everyone's gear/inventory. Would be tons of work to make the gui for that. Could just host events like that and the staff here would middle man.
  6. Is it being abused too much already? I heard some Runelite modifications are being sold and some clans have private clients with it. Its really not hard to implement but I feel like its too strong and can be annoying for deadman/deep wildy.
  7. hiscores api changed few days ago they gonna need to fix it
  8. I think a med level is usually with 60 atk or 75 atk melee based. While a rigour pure is range based and usually a lot lower combat (you can max at 97). This account has only like +1 combat from the melee/hp lvls.
  9. What do you mean? 70 def in this bracket is damn strong.
  10. get rid of this skin/IPB4, its too much mobile-first - there are so many categories/forums and the items are so big that you have to scroll too much get rid of that big menu on the index with that idiotic members shop and hosting, own services shouldnt be advertised like that anyways on a community forums try to reduce the numbers of items, the index page is just too big, rather use many subforums art&media has so many forums/subforums its nonsense imo there are many empty forums I would redo the whole forums/subforums structure separate pure and main topics with forums, some people might not care about the others get rid of these colorful tags they take too much attention away from focusing on the topic titles use subforums instead of tags theres no point of keeping them just so you can see the categories in recent topics there are too many topics they disappear in a bit anyways some users would prefer to bookmark a forums/subforum in order to see its activity alone like this: http://forums.zybez.net/forum/354-clan-fights-events/?&sort_key=start_date&sort_by=Z-A get rid of ads get rid of long signatures
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