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  1. Terror OSRS Pure Clan (only 2 of them left btw lmfao) vs Rage | Big P2P Mini 15v15 | 2-1 Sets
  2. u dont even go out on p2p weekends, you are a 1 server clan? lol. at coffins rn btw
  3. yh, i logged in 2 days later. unlucky, keep paying for no reason xd. no way u got that upset over a dscim btw?
  4. like the time I made you have a breakdown in terror ts? i remember people had to beg you not to leave
  5. it was a matter of time before this loser broke (once again LMFAO) rest in piss rage clan
  6. 5s are a lot more competitive.
  7. flowers will never being implemented into clan wars, get over it lmfao.
  8. wrong move from rage. Every1 knows terror is dookie in ptp The battle was for f2p and it appears rage concedes Nice T
  9. zenith/doom remakes have to be some of the worst pure clans in this game not really an accomplishment clearing these losers, terror
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