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  1. Cds saturday was two midweeks, lol?
  2. wuu2

    midweek Saturday: Harassing + Macing Legacy

    Guess cds major victory today was a 10 man midweek
  3. wuu2

    weekend Legacy F2P Saturday: Continuing The Torture For CD

    Looks like cd got smoked
  4. wuu2

    pkri Veng Collects 9,543,684KG of Rune.

    Hope to see you guys purging mains next sat as well
  5. Expected cd to win this tbh 🤪
  6. Lmfao good banter CD is dookie lol
  7. wuu2

    Dear CD

    Hassan closed you last time sheesh...
  8. wuu2

    Dear CD

    Cd always finds a way to bring mains in a clean scene then close after having that advantage LOL
  9. wuu2

    remember hittin?

    what the fuck is this trash l0l
  10. wuu2

    Did someone say CD opening?

    cd has always been a low tier, low quality, resorting to mediocrity type of clan lol. yuor clans are just as bad btw
  11. wuu2

    GG CD

    cd has always been booty. With the xlpc thriving I dont think we need cd to bring mains to ruin it all
  12. wuu2

    xlpc is lit

    Werent u the guy who joined like 5 different clans last year. Lmfao stfu and ur negative talk on these forums. Reflects how u feel about ur own life, shit
  13. Wow those endings goes to show how piss poor ir quality is overall lmao
  14. wuu2

    [EOP vs FOE]Who will break first?

    Intense rivalry? Lmfao fom bately got back up