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  1. Sv garbage in every scene, nothin new
  2. cd/sv/imperial will always be bottom tier clans
  3. Cd is top 5 in worst pure clans in history lmfao

  4. Reminder that cd closed as last place (below hydra and blunt pures)

  5. Seems like ly killed cd hmm yup
  6. yeah the callign was off. scim the whole time while apex/cd pray melee good to see big fights
  7. Wow after all these years sv is still low tier and resorting to cheap tactics gz tr
  8. Sup blatantly bring mains while rage have ir aiding them, who use mains lol sad both ends
  9. "kings of f2p" in your sig, but you need tanks to compete ye LOL INDEED
  10. fun fact. vd brings tanks in the minor leagues. fun fact #2. cd is the worst lpc in pure clanning history LOL!
  11. yup cd still losing 95% of cwa events
  12. lmfao stop trying to rationalize mithril armor on lvl 50
  13. lmfao stop trying to rationalize mithril armor on lvl 50-60 scene
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