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  1. you cant count l00000000000000l go back to school a venny can count better than you JAJAJAJAAJA
  2. imagine saying that and this is clearly in the pictures you sound dumb asf LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  3. Today was a slaughter of mass proportion for anti-heroes, we set out every day and EVERY Sunday forever until shit pure clans zenith/apex learn that daddy ROT isn't much of a dad anymore. We took care of the retard main clans who couldn't organize shit all between themselves to only be occupied by Venezuela while a few great pure clans had amazing trips. That's right, Heroes is the #1 clan and it takes ROT+VR+SC (week preps) to fight us fairly. As anti-heroes starting to slump weekly, we hit ROT right off the bat to remind them that Heroes is the most powerful clan in RuneScape. As ROT would attempt to fight us it would give them nightmares from all the beatings in the last few weeks. It didn't take much for these rats to tele out multiple times today from clean 1v1s so in order to compete, they would call VR+SC in hopes to stall us. Well this plan backfired terribly as we had 70 Heroes vs 100+ Anti-Heroes. With a huge number disadvantage we kept laughing and pushing forward gaining momentum and clearing out the field as the shit quality of Scissors and VR combined would break rapidly. ROT who are to embarrassed to even mention #Heroes and afraid to post them competing with Vennies on a daily would cry like dogs wondering why they have such a shit slave alliance. SC getting smited for AGS to Heroes before ending after two encounters. LMFAO JAJAJA. What a easy day for Heroes as we told the rest of the main world to just sit back and enjoy a nice cold beer on this beautiful Sunday. No need to mass up or waste your time on a weekend as Heroes will take care of ROT/VR/SC and any other shit clan who gets in our way. That's what Heroes do. Oh and who made these gfx @Heroes closedaka stick? sicasrios LOOOL looks so stupid lmfao try and pronounce it i dare you ajajaajja. Another night where mummy kissed you goodnight
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