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    pkri Resurgence Smacking Singles Queens Ft. Vanguard

    Man Veng is so bad lol 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
  2. FORUMS | DISCORD Our Surgeons massed up for our evening PK sweep to do what we do best, peaking 27 & ready to fuck up the comp. Intel flew in instantly of Veng hugging entrance (what the fuck is new?) so we lured the retards out their hole bopping them one by one for easy loot. They were already getting sniped bc they obviously don't know their place in this game we we helped finish em off. We followed them as they tried changing locs but there hilarious attempt at catching the leak has failed them yet again. You cannot hide from us, not even with PD there holding your hands. We eventually ended up at GDZ where PD made their first appearance to try and save their poor excuse of a PK trip. They all failed, miserably. After calling for backup, Veng retreated with their 13 man pull to lick eachothers balls on skribble, imagine!! BULLIED AT ITS FINEST!! We made quick work of their half-assed back up and skipped to the caves. It wasnt long before we bumped into PD & friends, who apparently needed back up from DK & Latinos to fight meds? Anyways...after about a 35 minute scrap, the few PD that were left tellied out giving us the win. Thanks for the action, its a shame ur allies were 2 busy circle jerking to help out... Thanks all who came out!
  3. Its crazy how PD helps Veng, but Veng doesn’t repay the favor...imagine trying to work with a clan full of retards just to recruit their shit members when they close. I know its hard PD trust me i know 😂😂
  4. FORUMS | DISCORD We scouted Vengeance pking in singles at rev cave entrance (lmfao yikes) and decided that we would outsmart them as usual. So we massed up similar ops and baited them ALL into multi. We killed each of them for singles gear and mystic sets. After this they decided to mass poke and try to fight us back in singles? This didn't work out very well for them as we got 4 kills for each one of their kills. Also took them for an AGS AGAIN! Thanks for the guest appearance ditter!
  5. FORUMS | DISCORD Massed up 20 surgeons for the daily GMT sweep. We started at altar where we pked uncontested for 40 minutes. After altar died out we headed over to revs in hopes to find some loot. We ran into pures that were kind enough to give us their +1s. What is there left to say? We did what we always do, we went out and make bank. Still no sign of veng , even though I think it was @wolffffthat said we're never out in GMT? We pk in all hours lmao, come fight us.
  6. Stl Arrow

    weekend Resurgence's Saturday GMT Sweep

    Nah they killed pvmers and did a few 10v10 fights with veng before realizing theyd never be able to compete and mass joined PD/Veng.
  7. Stl Arrow

    weekend Resurgence's Saturday GMT Sweep

    Im confused...
  8. Since Vengeance has decided to take things out of game (this has been going on for months now, but recently more people have got in on it) we have felt the need to retaliate and silence the out of game activities. You should not have to suffer the consequences of your incompetent leaders who've taken no action to punish said individuals. PM Will or Stl Arrow on discord to discuss your clan's current situation! It's not propaganda if it's all true btw! Enjoy! Mass Merges: Since Vengeance has been open, they have been the clan punching bag inside this bracket. The current ranks decided to prey on smaller clans this time around and try to brainwash their ranks into joining Vengeance. Sadly some of the Destiny ranks gave into the constant pressure and decided to merge their clan into Vengeance with the promise of a rank. They plotted this all along and preach about wanting to have a healthy scene but you try to merge the only other clan at the time into you. Makes sense right? Ranks begging Res members/ranks: Current Veng ranks spying on their own clan in the past: Since we have opened and originally tried to offer clean fights, Vengeance has constantly avoided because they knew fighting us would result in a loss. So we made the necessary adjustments and sought to get action out of them by using intel. Since then it has become their trademark excuse as to why they wouldn't fight us. But hold on for just one minute. These two central figures in the clan didn't seem to mind spying when they spied on their current clan in the past. VERY awkward! TLDR; Spoontech spied on Vengeance and their current leader gave me the account LMFAO!
  9. WEBSITE IS LIVE! https://resurgence-rs.com/community/
  10. FORUMS | DISCORD Res Busy Sunday Ft. Jaja, Sup, DK, RW Today was solid as it ever fucking could be with all the EZ bank the Surgeons made today. We got the boys together massing 35 FUCKING STRONG men ready to knock Veng's teeth into the back of their throat. Before that tho we decided to hit the caves to smack around some lost dweebs & maybe shake some +1s loose. We first ran into Jaja who put up a scrap before getting swept from their feet like some gay love story. We filled the purses and moved on, bumping into a few pure squads who made for quick lunch, thanks for the fights Rev Warriors + Sup. Resurgence scouted a few more worlds before squeezing DK out of their hole, making quick work of the action they tried to give. Worlds started to be too easy so we grabbed our maces to spice shit up a bit. We ended up logging into some rat squad, finessing a shiny ZGS for the W. Didn't know it was that easy, legit! Lost Students Caves were juiced and becoming boring after the tumbleweeds started blowing by. Resurgence was out here handing lessons to kids yet Vengeance was no where to be fucking found. We knew they had CWA today but surely they don't take two hours! So being the good friends we are, we flew in to see if the vikings were okay. They were there, broken and belittled, standing at the bank too demoralized to even PK. They decided to take this Sunday off after what happened the previous week, SAD! Owel, we have other shit on the agenda. Can't be baby sitting all day, see you soon! PKRI Vs Destiny The men over at Destiny hit Resurgence hot line to get a quick scrap going, of course we could not refuse our friends of good action. We headed back up in the wildy to have a nice multi spells fight. 20 minute cap, tele's on, live action. The men started off strong with chunking TBs to secure a few kills, piles after that came swift. Before we knew it we had cleared the last man off the field and the fight was over 3:52 seconds after the clock started pumping. Huge shout to the Destiny guys for having the balls to have good fun without worrying about outcome. & congrats on your #2 spot in our bracket. Props to you lads. Wildy Run FFA 10m Drop After a long day of owning and winning we did our casual community event with a 10m pot as winnings. Somehow the loot ended up in the hands of the world class finesse rat master. He pulled a slick one with a mind fuck for ez GP! BootyLoot Dont get expelled Veng!
  11. FORUMS | DISCORD Massed up to clear low wildy, starting out as a small man. Gained more and went to altar and took some kids for the fuckin lot. Gained even more and went to caves and swept. Tried out ballistas at the end of the trip and cleared everything again. Clean af trip and we made bank, as per usual.
  12. Atleast they're fighting back finally. Its about time you retaliate to getting bullied lmfao
  13. Stl Arrow

    weekend Resurgence's Busy Sunday Ft. Veng Skipping Class

    This video shows you killing two ppl in ballista rag? I mean i guess you technically did clear us since we left but meh 🤷‍♂️
  14. Stl Arrow

    weekend Resurgence's Busy Sunday Ft. Veng Skipping Class

    Like Dalton said idk who rot minions are so yeah from our pov we got a clear off before SV crashed (the first time we ran into eachother). 🤷‍♂️
  15. Stl Arrow

    Exposing Vengeance: Part I

    Silly Veng
  16. FORUMS | DISCORD We started off our Saturday trip massing up 20 Surgeons at 4EST to go sweep to wildy. We got word that Veng was out, but knew for a fact they weren't actually going to fight back so we hit some mains in Rev caves before hunting them, which ended up turning into a 30-45min scrap with Vintage. We went back and forth for the most part through the duration of the fight with it being messy with DK camping returners at entrance, but managed to stand our ground matched with mains until Lil cards came in and cleared the world. After the fight we moved to altar to explode dead viking klans small man. We instantly logged into their world and caught 3 at altar before the rest ran out getting a free AGS from one of their new applicants "Dico". We then hopped into their next world where we exploded the other few that got out of the last world. We chased the last 2-3 down single's that got lucky enough to telly out at ankou's. At this point we decided to let them continue their 6 man rag rev entrance trip, while we moved deep wildy to hit another main team we scouted. After moving deep we found the juiciest mains at GDZ that were complete randoms to my knowledge obtaining a total of 5 ballista's from them alone and a bunch of mystic, calling the trip shortly after that. We easily pk'd over 10 +1's today, thanks for the action clan world & stay shit vikings.
  17. Stl Arrow

    Exposing Vengeance: Part I

    Not surprised at this comment coming from an Apex member 😂
  18. FORUMS | DISCORD Got word that Apex was out pking deep, massed up 20 Surgers and the hunt begun. After hopping around at GDZ & RDG we found the pure clan pking with some mains - that's when the 1 hour fight commenced. Shortly after Supremacy decided to join in on the action and we fought both clans until the minimap was nothing but purple. There was no sign of Vengeance, which goes without sayin lmao. Pony clan wins again!
  19. Dam I love my clan.
  20. FORUMS | DISCORD Today we massed up 20 surgers to do our daily GMT sweep, as soon as we arrived to the caves we ran in to BA who were macing with the same opts. We killed a few of them and kept hunting them for about 15 minutes. After a while we ran into Rendual and his Skulled Revs clan, they were out pking with over 30 people. As they are an open cc, their coordination was not the best - resulting in us taking three +1s off of them. After fighting them a few different times and eventually get bamboozled by 50+ Lil Cards we decided it was time to call it. We ended the sweep at Altar where we found JaJa. We scrapped with them for a bit until they gained 2 many for us as we were just on a small man at this point & decided to dip with the loot we got. The past 3 days we been out in GMT & EST.....Hopefully your dead clan will get active soon.
  21. Stl Arrow

    cwa Resurgence Defeats Playdead - 3-0

    FORUMS | DISCORD After fighting veng we took a lil break and PKed and hungout while we waited for our prepped wildy single spells fight vs PD. We defended while PD rushed and they started off really strong and were winning drastically before it was sadly crashed. After some negotiating both clans took their fight to CWA where we prevailed getting the 3-0. All the rounds were extremely close except the last knockout round. Props for the fight PD, appreciate the action! Round 1 - Win Round 2 - Win Round 3 - Win (Random pics in no specific order)
  22. We were out today in GMT? All we saw was Origen pking with an open revs cc lmfao
  23. FORUMS | DISCORD Early this afternoon we decided to go see what was happening in the wild. We massed up in edge for about 15 minutes and headed out to caves with just short of 20. After a bit of pking we effortlessly cleared mains and pures alike before gaining to just over 20. We first ran into two pure clans fighting and smoked both the rats out. After this we ran into a ballista team with similar ops and made quick work of them also. We got word there was gold mystic north in corridor, so we quickly sprinted and found the gold mystic donation clan (VengaMAINS) and started killing them. A few made it out quickly while the rest ran to singles as usual. We tbed and killed multiple ones in single, while the rest tanked their tb and teled. We then went back up and outsmarted one of their members on his main, killing him for his mystic set and +1. Continue to use mains and you will get no action from us - very sad VengaMAINS! After this we went to altar and swept there for 20 mins. We logged into a high risk world and took two ags in seconds. After this we took another ags and some mystic sets. Thanks to all who came out and good job.
  24. FORUMS | DISCORD Since Vengeance continues to flame people's families IRL, the good men over at Resurgence quickly massed 20 in less than 5 minutes to go fucking kill these dogs and put them back in their place. They ran on sight before making the mistake to try and U-turn at single line to fight back. This found every single fucking one of these dogs in a clump and dead in seconds. Sorry for the good Vengeance members who are having to suffer this because their incompetent leadership allowing members to flame people's family. Join the others who are starting to realize this, you are NOT alone. PM Will the Trill#7882 or Stl Arrow#5125 on discord for a way out. VENG MEMBERS: This is why we are doing this. Sorry for all you who are innocent, but this is only the beginning.... (There are many of you...and more and more are coming forward.)
  25. Vengeance has closed and reopened 3 times btw just on 07 alone incase you forgot & has been through different leadership multiple times they've been open. 😂

    I can probably speak for majority of this community that Veng will be closing far before Resurgence does, especially at this rate. @Origen

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      ouchy. Go easy on them. heheh

    3. Origen


      Your history tells me otherwise. Will is known for closing clans, sadly its his own right

    4. Stl Arrow

      Stl Arrow

      9 minutes ago, Origen said:

      Your history tells me otherwise. Will is known for closing clans, sadly its his own right

      Everyone thats been clanning for a decade is going to have some kind of history. Those like you that have been irrelevant the entirety of their 2 year clanning career i'd expect to make a comment like that 😂