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  1. Thanks for the battle The Rising, was close and fun.
  2. Given it's been over a month since we last fought Arroz, and since then they have improved their quality and racked up wins -- we approached them for another fight. The battle was set for Tuesday evening. Both clans rolled up with ~41 people at fight time. After a slow start round 1 and 2, Arroz picked it up and made round 3 and 4 competitive. Thanks for the battle and hope to do more. PM DEVIN#4588 on Discord for any F2P fights. Also, special congratulations to Tika191 on 99 magic and Infernal Cape on his first time streaming his attempt on Discord right before the fight. Round 1: First to 25 Kills Round 2: First to 25 Kills Round 3: Most Kills 10 minutes (DRAW) Round 4: First to 25 Kills
  3. A couple of days ago, Latin Unit approached us for a battle. Instead of the traditional deep wilderness battle, we set up a 30 Minute Cap at North of Falador just to spice things up. Expecting a clean and honorable battle like our last encounter, we had hopes for yet another enjoyable battle. However, due to their low pull (they pm'd us 2 minutes before the fight started), they decided to invite some dogs (almost doubling our options) so we just fought for 10 minutes and dipped to Clan Wars. After seeing the shenanigans these guys were pulling and saying ingame, we hyped everyone up to smoke them in a clean battle field. After Round 1, they shamefully logged... Round 1: Round 2: THEY LOGGED (afraid of getting 3-0'd)
  4. A few days ago, we approached Latin Crew for some action and both clans agreed to battle today. Pandemic Starting: Latin Crew Starting: 81 Options The fight started around East Tree - Greater Demons and remained around there for the rest of the fight. Both clans had their strong points with decent spams from both sides for most of the cap, leaving for an enjoyable and nostalgic battle. Thanks for the fight Latin Crew, hope to do it again soon. Pandemic Ending: 90~ Options Latin Crew Ending: 90~ Options Videos: Pictures: If anyones interested in F2P battles (CWA or PVP), pm devin#4588 on Discord. WEEKDAYS 7PM+ WEEKENDS 4PM+
  5. Earlier this week, we arranged a scrap with Wilderland for today. With this being our first prep fight with many returning warriors who haven't battled in over a two year average, we weren't sure what to expect. Long story short, Wilderland fought with a major combat level disadvantage and we walked away with a clean respectable battle. Thanks for the fight Wilderland, was a blast from the past .. Round 1: Round 2: Round 3: https://clips.twitch.tv/HilariousOriginalPenguinSaltBae
  6. PANDEMIC We set up with a F2P CWA fight with Arroz, and despite being heavily out leveled Arroz put up a good fight -- so we went ahead did a round 4 as well. Thanks for the action. PM TIKA191#6242 on Discord for any F2P fights. Round 1: Round 2: Round 3: Round 4:
  7. PANDEMIC With the F2P clan scene seeing a revival in recent months, and many teams and clans returning to the game -- a few of us have opened a F2P Team, Pandemic. Latin Crew agreed to be our first fight on OSRS. We did 3 rounds of F2P CWA, thanks for the fight Latin Crew. PM Tika191#6242 on Discord for any F2P Fights. Videos: Round 1: Round 2: Round 3:
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