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  1. Looks decent, take heed of what Cody has mentioned.
  2. Really can't imagine anything more mundane than walking around/scouting 308 fighting on extra limited account builds on F2P servers, however I'm happy for you and yours.
  3. Brap

    announcement [VOTE] Tournament Poll

    No, I have many important things to do.
  4. After 5 months of being closed upholding a now 10 year legacy, Critical Damage has decided to open it's doors once again to reign hell over the pure scene. If you were previously CD, you know how much we pride our community and loyalty to the clan. If you're a true Abdullah, you know what to do and where to find us. Information: Website: www.criticaldamage.org/community Teamspeak: Criticaldamage.teamspeak3.com Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/RPuXhGb @LEADER ThatBoyRange Brap Parm HIGH COUNCIL 8pint Whale **TBD** WARLORD Andre COUNCIL Pasco Mike Sqweely Phebz
  5. I'd recommend Apex/IR, both are desperately needing members right now.
  6. Brap

    Castle wars xlpc red vs blue

    Big 10:4 Rubber ducky we are en route
  7. Brap

    xlpc Bad Timing

    bt on chest
  8. Brap

    Seasonal XLPC

    Thoughts on XLPC becoming a seasonal league? It seems XLPC keeps rotating through a continual cycle, open/compete/die repeat. 90% of XLPCs are encouraged to move up brackets when the scene starts to die but little to no XLPCs manage to make the breakthrough and survive. LPC/Zerk/Main Clans could form a team/clan & have their members participate, allowing for more action in the community itself. It takes a considerably shorter time to build a competent XLPC account. This 'League' could be something of the same vein to our current LPC COTM competition but would have it's own set of; Rules Unique Scoring System CWA & Wilderness Perhaps running a league for 1-3 Months a few times a year would be cool & be a viable option for future. @XLPC clanners what do you think? @LPC/Zerk/Main clanners would you be interested in short term leagues in XLPC?
  9. Brap


    I pulled up in the 4 door, dripping in gold and the diamonds on me dancin' in the moonlight. Fuck u think happened son. DIamond era nigga
  10. all bullshit just run
  11. Brap

    cwa Divine Vs. Blitz - Official CW Event 25v25 Prep [3-0]

    Looked really fun gz
  12. Brap

    weekend [D]amage [C]ontrol 1 Bangs Legacy and Apex

    Nice wins but perhaps might be good to change those hats.
  13. Looks like Apex are finally listening to Nox, haven't seen anything related to Apex in a hot minute. GJ to all members. Nox has also made a request that all 'hider' accounts suspected of being Apex members be investigated by the officials on SharkBrew to ascertain who owns those accounts.
  14. aftermath with 4 pics, very cool nice 2 see.
  15. Brap

    fo needs Jamz back

    Nice intel loser hahahaha you've never been the same since I terrorized you in 2016/17. I remember you used to break after 2 hours in Rage and cry at the bottom of TS after every trip. Stay mad kiddo
  16. Brap

    fo needs Jamz back

    I see you spend your time posting on forums on an alternate account so daddy nox doesn't find out, unfortunate. Feel free to @ me on here again when you immerse from that socially inept shell you hide in. Inevitably Apex pulls will continue to decline and I'll re-read these comments sipping on my soy latte in a few months and laugh just like I did the EoP/Olympus/Rage/Doom etc (they all cried about cwa too!) Anyhow got a meeting with Lowriders/Resurgence/CD now just planning our weekend together. Enjoy your day!
  17. Brap

    fo needs Jamz back

    the simple fact is no one outside apex gives a fuck about them, maybe they'd be remembered if they could slump/close FOE or compete with any regularity in the wild but truth be told they've done nothing of note outside of some solid p2p clan wars wins last year. 2+ years ago that would be a big achievement but no1 has cared about cwa since 2k17. If Apex were confident in their ability in p2p cwa still they would accept preps on any day regardless. LPC looking grim as fuck for 2019 already.
  18. Brap

    Fo keeps donating

    Nox doesn't approve of this topic
  19. Brap

    Apex Members, Please Explain v2

    Looks like Apex members are back to embarass themselves on a public forum again! Someone call Nox LMFAO