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  1. gl with that rat in ur clan
  2. @Zee good to see another 1-4 defence clan !
  3. Damn xlpc back for round 3201. Lets see how long it will last this time.
  4. Jagex hasnt done a single thing over the years regarding pvp, Im just being realistic.
  5. Lets be honest, if one of those things would actually be implemented it would take a year for them to do so.
  6. Welcome to Special Forces recruitment topic. We are an active and competitive clan with PK trips and PVM masses. Special forces is founded in May 2016 and have been around ever since. Wars are intense and fun and you're expected to return and keep fighting until the other clan is wiped off the wilderness map. We strive for a 1-5 defence pure clan, but we do occasionally accept a few 13/20 defence pures. Overall our goal is to have an active and close community ! Clan Chat: SF RS Forums: https://sf-clan.com/community/ (not in use atm) Uniform: Team 10 and pink hat Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-B3DW0eVo7lH15No4B4Gqw Intrested in joining? Hit up either control_pker#4505 or Mart#1310
  7. thought purge closed after ace scammed his own members
  8. its 2020, and Im not a new clanner, the cycle will restart.
  9. Fazing Kid is banned from most clans props quited after that
  10. My clan (special forces) only allows 1 def. But I know for a fact the cycle will restart.
  11. Yes, in a month or so most clans will be pushing from 25 to 30 defence. Most clans do accept them already if you dont wear addy. Sadly most guys ruined their account by not getting mm reward so we cant really push 39 def soon.
  12. Edjez


    Here to sus what the community is like in 2020! Still the same.
  13. @FLOWER we used to have a recruiting topic somewhere. I dont know if thats hidden somewhere in archief? Or else ill write a new one.
  14. Not really intrested in eu vs na since eu is always better kappa. Clan a + b + c vs clan d + e + f is way more intresting.
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