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  1. A fullout war anytime soon? And if so between who
  2. Opening old clans for about 1-3 months of hype stop getting old?. For the past year certain clans close...re open, have one or two months of good trips...slump hard etc etc. Sad to see.
  3. Would be nice to see the whole community take part at once. If it's done at Corp hill there won't be maxed manes. Just stinky rag accounts, sharkbrew staff should compose a team that goes around fire blasting the crashers.
  4. Just and idea. Instead of a red vs blue. Big event where all clans meet at a spot in the wilderness and fight for it. Example Corp hill, or GDZ. 6 hour time cap and the last clan standing with most opts wins. Strategy and rivals can be discussed amongst clan leaders but each clan needs to wear their own separate cape. Just and idea, thoughts?
  5. Discuss in Your eyes the most memorable Pkri/ pure community fight you have taken part in and why, pre eoc or osrs don't matter. I really enjoyed the second red vs blue at ruins even though it didn't last all to long. No flame just memory's thanks.
  6. I was being serious about coming back to scape. I;ve been training I can have triple 70s in no time. Looking for a good community, idgaf about pulls. out here to have fun- cheers.
  7. Looking for a clan that has active mid weeks. I have experience
  8. Sunmer 2017, what server will be more competitive. Also what clans will come out on top?
  9. ST goes to rage trips, you big forheaded vrown sticky stuff. Just open ch v2000 already
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