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  1. I have no interest in deleting or hiding your topic, it does what sharkbrew values most. Generates discussion. Having said that, you have a very interesting video. I’ll agree with most things you’ve said, however let me give you a POV that’s tried to make change in the community for the better. It’s very hard to get community events up and going due to the fact of clans don’t want to support eachother. If eop is on the same side as foe then foe doesn’t wanna eop won’t come, etc. Its not as black and white as people think and it actually does create a divide. another good example is our recent EU vs USA event. EU actually took it serious and the US got slaughtered. Until a certain level of respect/give a damn is reached we can’t even begin to hold eachother accountable.
  2. We’re losing to a closed clan. Gf
  3. at least it wasnt lord ex this time. Progress!
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