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  1. You didnt try in an official prep but instead chose to try on a ft50 where we were 2 kills away from beating you. Jesus Noxious you guys have subhuman iq.
  2. We didn't really try on this event after that easy 3-0 we received prior.
  3. You logged on all lvl 60s accounts and lost to a lvl 50 clan >.<
  4. Why did you focus on ob when you could have fought the other clans that pulled 20?
  5. Today Redemption embarked into the wilderness with 30ish people. We had many tussles, most notably with Outbreak and Vendetta. Unfortunately, every fight was crashed by other lower pulling clans, but that did not stop us from having a good time. It's safe to assume we had the most action out of every clan today. Thanks Outbreak and Vendetta for entertaining us. We'll see you next week, stronger.
  6. lol calling jon jones fan new fags gfoh fedor is washed up and only wins because of the refs
  7. i guess this is a troll topic because i cant see it on the forums
  8. Ex will please get off this website. You are a member of IR why are you arguing/debating with these retards they are not worth your time.
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