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  1. GL Im 2h

    midweek 😈Purge Vs CD 40 vs 40 PKRI - Ft FS

    You're a no one pure pker
  2. GL Im 2h

    midweek 😈Purge Vs CD 40 vs 40 PKRI - Ft FS

    Our core are some of DMM's best pkers bro, you bunch of nobody's don't tag me again or i report u
  3. GL Im 2h

    midweek 😈Purge Vs CD 40 vs 40 PKRI - Ft FS

    you flatter me bro yeah the one guy who came from Nemesis "Clumping" solo carried whole fight?... & ofc you didn't ask one person to come right? u got legit downs bruhhh
  4. GL Im 2h

    midweek 😈Purge Vs CD 40 vs 40 PKRI - Ft FS

    Don't lie bro you got pretty embarrassed, we aren't Envy bro you can't just loose and say "WE WON WE WON PROMISE" Whale world 45 is the loc
  5. EZ 4 PURGE. New members are cos we dominated sdmm as Torture. Nice Propaganda... whalesssssssss b maddddddddddddddddddd
  6. GL Im 2h

    The tale of purge....

  7. You know the marketting budget of tech companys for example MSI is 200-300 thousand $'s as they are able to claim such things off their tax? It seems my words weren't even read by many & as a result the commentors have proven points that they haven't even read, Gambling companys like Pokerstars & 888poker are able to offer millions in promotions and marketting as they claim it off tax. The same goes for big company that donate millions to charitys just to claim it off their tax, not to mention possible back handers.. anyway i'll put my knowledge and passion into a community/topic that can actually read & conceptualise.
  8. I didn't argue it was worth it & you have no idea how the division of the money works, I mentioned it in reply to someone saying " 1 hour ago, 'Jamie said: I also didn't read it bro, but the thought of Runescape becoming an E-Sport is pretty laughable, the clanning aspect of Runescape is dead, and PvMers are the only ones who benefit from the updates now a days lol. " As in Jagex have & are trying to walk down this path. But fair enough, i'm glad I quit this game
  9. Advanced Member & Kingpin who can't read a couple hundred words. These two comments have literally proved my point Why even comment if you don't read my proposal on making it an ESPORT xD Much Irony Little IQ