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  1. First fight back in a while was fun ty 4 action
  2. Our core are some of DMM's best pkers bro, you bunch of nobody's don't tag me again or i report u
  3. you flatter me bro yeah the one guy who came from Nemesis "Clumping" solo carried whole fight?... & ofc you didn't ask one person to come right? u got legit downs bruhhh
  4. Don't lie bro you got pretty embarrassed, we aren't Envy bro you can't just loose and say "WE WON WE WON PROMISE" Whale world 45 is the loc
  5. EZ 4 PURGE. New members are cos we dominated sdmm as Torture. Nice Propaganda... whalesssssssss b maddddddddddddddddddd
  6. my final comment on this topic will a quote of the man/myth and self proclaimed legend that is @blue "also if u want a serious version of me just look back at my 2016 topics to see 300 iq"
  7. I was indeed, Envy had a lot of 85 combats that's correct, majority of your mains were higher levels (90+). But your callers were saying "make sure your main is on a pure" & the like. Not here to stir the pot, you guys's flame war will inventively continue regardless. I only comment here in the hope of making this scene less cancerous. Agreed with the last bit too
  8. just to say again I'm not Envy you dullard.. I hadn't done f2p in months & wanted some action.
  9. Take a step back guys, you're flaming each other not just over a game but a specific 1 hour of the games history that will never be remembered by anyone. Good stories to tell the grandkids though boiz.... "back in my day envy piped up saying they'd bring 50 mains so we brought mains and fucked them" WOW granddad that's so cool
  10. that is a good point but you still rose to it whereas you could of fought with 0 mains like a true pure clan... Yeah I did enjoy myself just a shame about the mains. SWAG OF TANK was there the number 1 cancer main xD
  11. Mains: https://gyazo.com/daeb55e83365192797d66204db19a7a7 more mains: https://gyazo.com/a7471d99271a4aaf559732a9f95a99f9 Ranks joking on discord about if you zoom in enough you can't see any mains and all the mains are actually envy in our capes:https://gyazo.com/bd8c86a01782ac337ecbba1968d2b537 & https://gyazo.com/3e60db2582623136db3ae719e0469476 And finally right at the end of the fight... look at the number of full rune players you see.. Neither Envy or AAO have the right to call yourself a pureclan pathetic https://gyazo.com/38c88c758879cd6a143418fbc476b42b
  12. nothing to expose? I was just saying you guys tripple logged I could hear you telling people to do it
  13. Are you dumb? I'm not in Envy, I was kicked/left I WAS IN YOUR TEAM, HELPING YOU WIN you moron Lol. I don't hold loyalty to either clan. current RSN: PURGE CLUMP
  14. I don't record audio but I guess i'm going to have to edit this footage now
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