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  1. Is it possible to earn 2 L's in one day by piping up to a brand new LPC and then lose to them up 10? 

  2. Bro imagine trying to stay relevant by piping up to ta brand new LPC clan lmao
  3. lmfao envy got perfected up 10


  4. @Goat Elmir Sorry bro I think you should go back to just fixing my ts3's instead of doing whatever u doing wit Envy
  5. XLPC Warlord

    cwa Vendetta vs Apex F2P Big Mini

    Lines of VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV Good win Boys - Ty 4 fight Apex
  6. Vendetta LPC here for any mini or pkri we bout that action

  7. yo who tf are u @Dolphin Cuh  bruh stop impersonating 

    1. Scims


      stfu retard i close every clan u join

    2. Satans


      Haha that's cringe

  8. XLPC Warlord

    lpc Vendetta - Lpc

    Don't join this clan if you can't freestyle on a beat bro dead ass we have more fun than you
  9. Does anyone know how I can get in contact w/ Elmir? @Envy ranks plz  :)

  10. XLPC Warlord

    Need Forum Theme

    Making moves i c
  11. XLPC Warlord

    Pk vid

    Cleeeeeaaaan editing bro looks really good. Lovin the delays2
  12. XLPC Warlord

    pure/pkri Rampage Claims many wins against Nightmare

    Violence/Flawless/Rampage/Original Pures/Rampage bch we do it EZ w/ no LPC experience