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  1. Yung magic

    Daddies Intro

    yes bro bro
  2. Zoom does not get bullied Dill, having x2 opts does not consider getting bullied
  3. Gang shit, just heard the dawg is getting free'd up next week. These telly tings aint ready for us 

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    2. Yung magic

      Yung magic

      Iced, its a game lol.... im not loyal to those ranks, im loyal to the clan 

    3. Yung magic

      Yung magic

      and im a bodmon irl wym

    4. Yung magic

      Yung magic

      and if we are talking about ranks, your warload is aysix iced... the kid who snaked OB .... you have no right to say who im being led by 

  4. bro youre a brazillian poor fallen reject freak lol
  5. Yung magic

    Closing time for Nightmare?

    Hey Dill
  6. Yung magic

    xlpc Looking for a clan

    With 11 pray and 13 magic lmao.... yikessss
  7. Yung magic

    Envy finally got a forums!

  8. Yung magic

    Looking for a SQUAD/FC

    Ohh okay, well check out the purge thats the only p2p team I know
  9. Yung magic

    Looking for a SQUAD/FC

    wait wtf, You havent heard the Golden State Warriors ??? They are in the NBA and have 5 all stars on their team ?
  10. Yung magic

    Looking for a SQUAD/FC

    lmfao bro i was making a reference to NBA lmfao
  11. On the Money grind .... 

  12. Yung magic

    Looking for a SQUAD/FC

    Heard Golden State still taking players, try them out
  13. Shoutout to my nigga Alphonso Davies for signing with FC Bayern Munich ! Big Up Canada, we making moves