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  1. Damn yall still playin this weak ass game?

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    2. H I T T A

      H I T T A

      You get on here every day and at this lol. Why? If you don’t play just move on

    3. MAGICfrmda6


      ur name is big meat lmf0 that already says enough about u, lil dick nigga 

    4. Big Meat

      Big Meat

      Its confirmed I get more ass than 6 of yall combined lmao broke boys continue eatin ur noodles in yall moms basement while im out here cakin no cap

  2. Eagles will win the sb 

  3. Hassan has sounded the horns 

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    2. MAGICfrmda6


      envy is straight poop lmf0 

    3. Big Meat

      Big Meat

      Magic u ugly slim no cap

    4. MAGICfrmda6


      suck yourself pussy hole 

  4. These hoes take yall money and i take their virginity u hear me? #DAMELILLARD 

    1. Noise


      pussy destroyer #BigMeat

    2. Big Meat

      Big Meat

      I do it for all the beta males out there getting fucked over by these thots you hear me

  5. My meat is built like zion williamson, big and tough.

    1. IamjohnC


      just come to papa

    2. Big Meat

      Big Meat

      John c my good man how have you been fam

    3. MAGICfrmda6


      l00l your meat is 3 inches stop this 

  6. Cowboy hat from gucci wrangler on my booty

  7. Unban Elmir, Revive Sharkbrew

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    2. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett

      you sound triggered you autistic monkey

    3. Noise



    4. Big Meat

      Big Meat

      Elmir the goat

  8. “Before rap my last name was my lifestyle” - Nipsey Hussle 


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    2. Holiday
    3. NiggV
    4. Big Meat

      Big Meat

      @MAGICfrmda6u in zone 6? You better quit playin with me fore i pull up on your ass forest gump ass nigga

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