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  1. 2 weeks in a row now envy pulling 120+ dickin asstro

  2. I can confirm this guy is a scammer indian
  3. You suck for posting this so late lolll ty for action astro
  4. If you're an alpha male join EnVy today.

  5. Walked you to level 2 from ca, ur vid cuts out with us literally walking you down lmao. Keep snipe teams from using your capes. Envy #1
  6. Saturday recap: astro pulled 34 Envy pulled 118

  7. lmao they really kicked them to death XD
  8. Now that Envy 3-0ed astro in a prep.. what is the excuse now? 

  9. Like n subscribe fortnite lovers ;)

  10. Naturally bad, but she love the damn contour
    European swag, tell a fuck nigga bonjour

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    2. Big Meat

      Big Meat

      hello virgin, manage to at least get a hj these last 2 years since i been gone?

    3. Fake Smile

      Fake Smile

      missed you, you fucken spoon

    4. Big Meat
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