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  1. yeah p much, its not banter when we call them imperial that isnt cd anymore lmao listening to their audio it seems like they forgot how to lead a 40 man trip which is strange since they've done it for 5 years lol
  2. Today we set out with 80 Bears later peaking at 97 for our P2P Sunday. As usual we were ready to fight the piss alliance of soup/ly/imp. Not to our surprise soup's pull has dropped once again as it has steadily done since our rivalry began. They peaked at 55 kitty cats and were on the run all trip. We will continue to make sure they despise coming online for Sundays as long as they continue to bring mains to our fights. With soup forced to bank stand most of their trip we were left to deal with Legacy and their new buddies Imperial. It's almost humorous that these two clans have become allies considering their recent past, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Keep begging us for money you broke ass chimps, you won't get it! With Imperial having a leak within their 20 man pull, we were able to effectively shut them down all trip before switching our focus to Legacy. We hit them every time they came into multi and brought some life to their clan chat "swiftkit" halfway through the trip where they had dropped to 10 people. Plug that shit homie. With both FOE and Legacy having similar opts but not quite enough to 1v1 us, both clans would spend the majority of their trips attempting to get cheap hits on us mid fight. But it's alright, we appreciate the action. It makes me smile to know that Legacy still knows their place and remain under the impression they're not allowed to fight us 1v1 even with a shit main rag unit aiding them. Overall, it was another day of Rage. Some clear highlights: 1v1 before f0 crash Clearing Foe/LY Not allowing soup to participate in clusters More pwn on LY Ownage Documentation @Broxxx @JAP @Estranger @Hari @Gumbo @B S A
  4. if we started bringing mains youd see about 5 topics about us every saturday of shit clans crying, trust!
  5. Scouted Legacy at revs and quickly massed up 27 Bears to go end them. Not to our surprise we found them running around in rag trying to snipe a fight between SF and DC. We logged in and cleared all clans multiple times. Thanks for the action. After the clusters ended we made sure Legacy had ended their trip before continuing to pk ourselves for another hour or so before calling it. @Bluewatch @Alz
  6. live footage of supremacy trying to log out mid fight l000000000000l @DilLexplain this one for me
  7. another day another 3v1, gl tomorrow noobs

  8. 3v1 is what they need to compete cya tomorrow pussies
  9. Massed up 45 Bears to sweep the caves for 3 hours. As usual we started off by ending Legacy before sweeping the vennies for all their monies. Same time tomorrow. @Broxxx Pictures
  10. only in your dreams buddy wont ever happen
  11. we mini a lot more than any teams do tbh
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