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  1. So it's pretty obvious that the overall population within the pure community has declined within the past couple years. I would think that with an increase in OSRS players because of Mobile release, we would also see an influx of newcomers checking out the pure clanning scene; that shit ain't happening. My question is why? Why are we shrinking as a community when OSRS is growing as a game? Is there anything that we as a community can do to help alleviate this problem? Truthfully I don't even play the game anymore, but you would think that someone who really cares about pure clanning would have brought this up by now; oh wait maybe thats it!
  2. Downyz

    Regarding the Pure Community

    I feel that. Maybe we should work on the culture within clans? That way, newer players would be more than happy to spend the money to make sure that their squad wins ;-)
  3. Downyz

    Regarding the Pure Community

    So you're saying that there is a lack of leadership in the community? Any solutions?
  4. Olympus they know we the team

  5. Downyz

    Looking For A Clan

    Don't do it man please..
  6. as an unbiased sideline spectator, it looked like rp lost every single fight they had today, even when they had tanks and snipe teams. yikes!!!

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    2. Broxxx


      @smokepurpp u mad that the legends of XLPC have returned to smoke your clan for the fourth time

    3. Warbow


      You were on a 73, and got 1 banged every single time you returned. You didn’t even see the fights loool

    4. N uts ack

      N uts ack

      Unbiased lmfao you founded this clan loser get smoked for the fourth weekend in a row by rampage since opening

  7. Downyz

    xlpc Olympus - XLPC

    will be camping u with mains till u change the clan name thx
  8. Downyz

    Gods Return - Olympus XLPC 2018

    this looks like a desperate remake not even close to what olympus was at their best change the name spastic dont ruin a legacy
  9. Downyz

    xlpc Nightmare #1 xLPC

  10. friendly reminder that you only have 1 life; try not to spend it all on runescape!!! 

  11. Downyz

    hey there buds

    Hey old friend
  12. Downyz

    Feels bad for Pkeru [OB CLOSED]

    Shoutout my panthers who wont be spending their summer virtually warring on a pixel game unlike these fs virgins
  13. Downyz

    Look, I know you failed high school

    lotta bad topics lately, where's the sharkbait i know and love..
  14. Downyz

    main Stop lying about kills EOP

    nice expose!!
  15. gf supremacy, was intense! *cough* some ppl have too much free time irl *cough*
  16. Action packed trip, thx 4 ags pigmen
  17. Downyz

    Halo 3 is BACK bitches

    H2 had the best matchmaking imo
  18. Downyz

    Need More XLPC clans!

    Leet Tactics 2k19
  19. kinda justin beiber how obsessed all these ex-panthers are with our clan btw yike
  20. Very fun trip, more to come
  21. Current Clients:61 / 100 - Outburst-rs.com on a quick comeup